Brazil FA/FIFA to prevent Alisson , Fabinho and Firmino playing

FIFA has blocked Premier League clubs from selecting Brazilian players who they refused to release for international duty for five days at the request of the country’s Football Association.

The world governing body has applied Article 5 to enforce the restriction period of September 10-14, which would see players miss this weekend’s round of Premier League fixtures and also Tuesday’s Champions League matches.

The players who were not released for the World Cup qualifiers against Argentina and Peru are Raphinha of Leeds, Manchester United’s Fred, Thiago Silva at Chelsea, Manchester City’s Ederson and Gabriel Jesus, as well as Alisson, Roberto Firmino and Fabinho at Liverpool

It would mean Fred and Thiago Silva would also be ineligible for Manchester United’s visit to Young Boys and Chelsea’s clash with Zenit St Petersburg in the Champions League on the Tuesday.

The Football Association has also been contacted by FIFA regarding the matter. FIFA remain in talks with the FA and UK government to get the ban on quarantine exemptions lifted.

According to FIFA Article 22 of its Disciplinary Code, the sanctions that may be applied if these restrictions are ignored include fines and forfeiting the match 3-0, although it is unclear what might happen if Leeds and Liverpool, who meet at Elland Road on Super Sunday, both defied any FIFA ruling.

Last week, Sky Sports News reported that Chile, Mexico and Paraguay had called on FIFA to enforce the restriction period on Ben Brereton of Blackburn and Chile, Francisco Sierralta of Watford and Chile, Newcastle and Paraguay’s Miguel Almiron and Raul Jimenez of Wolves and Mexico.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters has e-mailed all 20 top-flight clubs telling them they are working on finding a solution to the issue.

It is understood negotiations between all parties are ongoing.


It’s a joke, and the authorities are letting the players down. Let them play.


Firmino is still injured and was Fabinho even called up?

Yes, he was.

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That ruling on Richardson is a joke.

It should be legally challenged.

It says we will enforce our rules… unless we quite like the cut of your jib, then at that point we will let you off.

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FIFA can go $#$# themselves. We will be ignoring their BS

Yup, you can’t have a rule then let someone off from a blanket ban.

You could effectively say they are meddling in club selection and I’m not even sure how FIFA can impose a result in the PL even when the PL seem against the idea.

I’d kind of find it amusing if the clubs both agreed to play all the Brazilians, the PL turned around and said well it affects our product so fight us.

I bet this international release stuff wouldn’t last five minutes in a court room, the stuff with Matip a few seasons back was effectively control of a player even though they had decided to quit. There contract is with the club, the club pays the players wages, I literally would not in a million years see FIFA succeeding in a court room.

And considering the lukewarm support Infantino gave UEFA I can see potentially exploding if they don’t back down.

Also with the “good behaviour” thing it wouldn’t surprise me if you see Firmino at his age or Alisson or Fabinho go, you know what fuck it, let’s retire from internationals and challenge us, I know the stuff in the summer pushed the players close with the Brazilian FA after they tried to get rid of the manager on the eve.

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The problem is the the rules say we have to release players for international. But they also say players must be returned to their clubs within 48 hours of the final match of the break. Both sides have justification in feeling that they are right. But morally the Brazilian FA are in the gutter. What the are showing is that they absolutely do not give a flying fuck about player welfare.

The regulations were not written with a global pandemic in mind and FIFA think the pandemic doesn’t apply to them. This is a big issue with the games regulator also being in charge of a significant competition. They are supposed to regulate the game, but their leading motivation is always going to be to protect their competition.

I’d also love to know where the PFA is in this, but I know it a lot to ask them to stick their heads out and do something as difficult as speaking up for player welfare.


I guess it is because Everton allowed him to go to the Olympics this summer, even if they could have stopped that. So i kind of understand why.

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Wont happen. Theyll play.

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Yup, you can’t seek sanctions for breaching the rules when abiding by those rules would have led to a farcical outcome.

If the PL clubs abided by the FIFA rules and the Brazilian FA abided by their own country’s quarantine rules (as they insisted the Argentine players had to abide by), the PL clubs would have released their players only for them to have played no international football whatsoever and spend their entire time in Brazil quarantining.

They would then have needed to have been released within 48 hours of the final match (which they wouldn’t have played in) only for them to return to England and have to quarantine again. So abiding by the rules would have meant the players playing no representative football but instead spending at least 3 weeks in quarantine in two different countries with two long-haul flights being the only interruption.

So they would not have been able to play in any of the international fixtures anyway but would instead miss 3 club games that they otherwise could have played in.

What a nonsense. Not only could there be legal action from the clubs but think of the financial loss suffered by the players? Apperance bonuses, win bonuses etc…


Not unless they get the ok from FIFA. We didn’t play Matip even though he hadn’t been properly called up by Cameroon and only go the OK from FIFA after we had already held him back for at least one game.

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shame for brazil when all our boys are injured for the next games in November!

Yeah but it’s a blanket FIFA ban that they are picking and choosing to implement.

It looks silly.

Can’t see us sending them again in October if nothing changes and I can’t see it as the changes being rumoured seem to be around the Amber and Green lists.

Anyhow it’s just a massive fuck up…This two days ago.

It would be easier to understand if Joyce was not so glib in the way he reported it.

The rule is being blanketly enforced for all players who refused to show up, but Richarlison is exempt because he wasn’t part of the squad for this round of games. The relationship with Everton is a (partial) explanation for why he wasnt called up after having a full summer schedule for Brazil already, not why he is getting away without being banned now.

The way the whole thing has been handled is pathetic, but there is no issue with Richarlison.

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