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Yeah, fucking chaos in the Caucasus this last week. Border skirmish between Kyrgizistan and Tajikistan getting worse now. A rough Time-Line.
Warning, Mega Thread coming in. People can read it or scroll through and down below if they don’t care about it, but it gives an interested reader some information and a rough time line of what is going on.

(cease fire didnt hold)

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Solidarity for my sisters in Iran, living under an oppressive regime.


Just heard the Queen might be dying.

Already!? And her hubby hasn’t even been officially hatted!

Looks like Another One Bites The Dust. Was it due to Under Pressure? I mean it’s sad, we might miss her but Who Wants To Live Forever?

More should be made of this. Some of the scenes in Iran are incredible:

One just hopes that should these protests not go any further that these women will not be identified.


no no no no…one pun at a time, this is just overkill…it ruins it for the rest of us.

you may rule the canvas format, but you have no talent…no talent at all sir…for the written word…

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The women have had enough over there, after decades of oppression. They are very strong and brave.


Words of jealousy. The amount of negative oppression in this forum.

Spongebob Squarepants Ngapa GIF by The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run

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Fascism is on the rise worldwide, but it seems that many are blind to the danger. Is it complacency? indifference? ignorance? Where is the outrage?

Huge swathes of the world are now under fascist or quasi fascist government: Russia, China, Brazil, The Phillipines, Iran, Saudi, Hungary, and now Italy. The US is on the brink.

It’s a terrifying situation.


It really is. At a fundamental level I believe it’s promoted by individuals feeling like they’re unable to influence their own lives.

It’s got many similar antecedents to the late 20s and early 30s.
Lets hope we move through this period without a world war and can reemerge in the equivalent of a 21 century version of the golden post war era.
Sadly I think that the will for this remains only possible after the massive pain, destruction and upheaval caused by war or similar.

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If only you could let these people know that if they carry on down this road no one will have things like mobile phones, internet, amazon and all the other mod-cons - then they may actually think and reconsider who they vote into power and politicians stop promising the moon. Currently people and politicians think that the trappings of the world as it is are eternal and resistant to all of their machinations. At some point the dam will burst, at which point it won’t matter where you are - the reset will put us into a global dark age that will make the puny one across Europe feel like a long weekend.

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Fascism is taking advantage of desperation, gullibility and pure idiocy. Disappointed with their previous governments, the Italian people en masse voted the far-right because they offered hope and the promise of something new, since the far-right has been out of power for the past 80 years. Of course, very few of them paused and thought that there must have been a very good reason why that was the case. There was one woman saying that even though she didn’t like the far-right, she was going to vote for them because the country lacked order. She’s going to have all the order she wants and then some.

Short-sightedness and lack of critical thinking at its worst. Those who forget the lessons of History are doomed to repeat it.


Not the bloody trains again?

I was just thinking the same earlier and wondering if I would be seeing my sons off to war in the next 15-20 years. Shit, was wondering if I’d be shipping out myself in the next few! Never thought I’d even be contemplating it but here we are. I’d like to think it unlikely but the current crop seem to have forgotten the lessons of the past and what seems like the vast majority of people can’t even remember what happened a decade ago let alone be bothered about what happened 80 years ago amidst being almost completely distracted by what some random celebrity wore last night and so are being collared into letting all this slide downhill while going ‘hey, wow. Look at the lights’.