Brighton vs Liverpool: FA Cup Fourth Round: Sunday, January 29, 1:30 PM


Let’ see how it goes. If we play at the same level as the last time we met them, the outcome will be the same. So, a big improvement is needed. No need for Kloppo to rotate. Put the eleven best and fittest players on the pitch, and tell them to prepare for a physical battle.

We absolutely need to win the physical battles again, or there will be more misery for us. We’ll really need eleven warriors on that pitch on Sunday if we are to qualify for the next round.

We were every bit of a match for them at Anfield. It’s not like we don’t have the ability in us, just at the moment.

I actually think we’ll win this time.

Don’t know why. Didn’t think so a couple of weeks ago.

2-1 Liverpool




That is just depressing. Matched mighty Brighton at Anfield, how far have we fallen.

Oh fucking hell, my response was mainly to those who said we were played off the park 2 weeks ago.

I might go hang around funerals they seem to be more fun.


So other football clubs aren’t allowed to be good, by recruiting well and being coached effectively?

We don’t have the right to be better, just because we are Liverpool, that right needs to be earnt.

Brighton in their 3 - 0 win against us, looked far better than any other team we have faced this year.


This isn’t about Brighton. They’ve done admirably well and kudos to them but they are still 6th on the table and have a grand total of two more points than us who are having a season from hell.

Forgive me for feeling disillusioned, when the home draw against them is brought up as an argument that we might stand a chance this time.

Why get disillusioned we all support Liverpool when we are the best and when we are not. Just look forward to us rebuilding and becoming a force again, for me this season is a blip and :crossed_fingers:with the right new players we will be back to our best within a season or 2


This is just it. Feels like we have to rebuild after only just rebuilding. Sigh… :sweat:


Rebuilding should be an ongoing process. The problems come when all the players get too old together or the 20-somethings that are meant to replace them are all injured.

I think most fans would be a little more relaxed about this season, if they could see the rebuild commencing.

Fact is, fans have been crying out for a midfield rebuild (or at least a new face or two) since Gini left. It became painfully obvious during the summer window that we really needed at least one new midfielder. We missed our #1 target (not our fault, he wanted Real), but didn’t react and sleep walked ourselves into disaster. The late patch of Arthur, while unlucky, is no more than we deserved. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. We had no backup plan.

We are now a few days from the end of the January window, after half a season in which our midfield issues have been exposed to the point that teams no longer fear us and we’re once again the target of Man Utd fans jokes.

Have we recruited a couple of loan signings to salvage what we can of the season, while we wait for more preferred players in the summer?

Have we signed a midfield player as the “first piece” of the much needed overhaul?

Have we buried our heads in the sand in the hope that we can rely on a (very good) teenager and an injury prone player to do a job while we hope and pray we’ll be able to sign our preferred targets (without guarantee) in the summer?
Looks like it.


Looks about 7 stone soaking wet. Gonna be some player when he adds some muscle to his technique :muscle:t3:

Problem with that is that you can only sign what’s available. If it is a loan player, the chances are that they aren’t exactly at the top level. Either they are a younger player that another team wants to improve with match practice or a older player that isn’t up to scratch that they want off the payroll. Or it’s Arthur Melo.

In terms of signing players we either pay top dollar for a perfect fit (like we did with VVD) or we are looking for journeymen to make up numbers - in which case you may as well stick with the under 23s.

I’m also surprised that nothing is happening in midfield but I can only imagine that is because potential targets are either not available or no better than we already have.


But on a 6 month loan, we’re not looking for world beaters. We need energy, players who can run, tackle and press. We need bodies to cover injuries/rotation. Surely with the scouting network and data folk we can identity one or two players who can lift the midfield?

Not laying this season’s failings at the door of any one player, but I reckon if I went down the local park this Sunday, I’d find somebody better than Fab! OK, I’m exaggerating. But I refuse to believe that we can’t identity players who would be available for a loan and could offer us an upgrade on some of our aging/exhausted legends.

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People don’t want abuse from their work colleagues.

I really cannot watch another second of Fabinho trying to defend, if he is fatigued get someone in and give him a rest. If this is his level then sell him.

Couldn’t care about any Arsenal reject tag if a guy came in and did a job on loan. Salah had much the same tags when he joined.

Not aimed at yourself Dublin, I agree with your points.


Let’s not forget that losing to Brighton is not a new thing. They knocked us out of the FA Cup in 1984. Of course we went to win the European Cup that season. Would be very happy if history repeated itself.


Just to add to this, FSG may be gone, Klopp has 3 years left and who knows how long will the rebuilding take and if he’s going to be around to see it through and we know that Ward will be leaving. Is he the one who’s going to negotiate for Bellingham and the rest of the targets? And if not, who and when will he be appointed? It took us 4 months to find a club doctor.

I don’t know, head says wait and see what happens before casting judgment, heart says that we are fucking it all up and returning to the misery pre Klopp.

So with the latest injuries all a fortnight away add to that Carvalho who seems to have a knock. They are pretty much ready if they are short term and back in training from what I’ve noticed but for the likes of Jota, Diaz, Melo that’s probably less so.

I would expect VVD to be back first, who knows about Firmino.