Bundesliga / German NT

Watching this one live on youtube through Sky Sport’s main channel seeing as they couldn’t be bothered to stick on one of their 50394 channels :neutral_face:

Very close by Fuhrich there, seems an interesting player.

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Strongly being linked with Bayern. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Dortmund keeper :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Mainz continue their great run of form, since the hammering at Bayern they’ve gone 8 unbeaten. 2 up against BVB takes them away from the relegation places altogether.

3-0 now jesus, far from Dortmund’s best XI but this could get humiliating. Brilliant football.

This was to be expected according to the bookies but I’m sure there will be talks about sporting integrity in Germany because the Mainz win will mean direct relegation for Köln.

Also after Leipzig dropped points Dortmund still had a small chance to finish fourth.

Holstein Kiel won promotion to the Bundesliga for the first time.

St. Pauli also very likely to follow.


Sankt Pauli Fans GIF by FC St. Pauli


This Leverkusen team is a juggernaut, you can see why Alonso would stay if he has had reassurances.



Bayern are a mess upstairs lately.

Eberl must have a huge task on his hand and who knows with whom else he needs to negotiate over decisions.


Since when have coaches been “valued closer to 100m”. Are Palace taking the piss or do they seriously see this as a reasonable figure to publicise.

I thought they are hiring Keir Starmer :grimacing:

Instead of announcing the full squad at once German FA started to announce the players one by one through social media by celebrities, influencers and ordinary people etc.

Nice campaign imo which creates the much needed hype for the tournament.


Oh and Bayern have started talks to keep Tuchel :joy:

German squad for the tournament.

No Hummels, Adeyemi, Brandt, Goretzka

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During his press conference today Tuchel said there was no agreement and that he won´t stay at Bayern.

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Ok Livvy, let’s put in an application. You can be the tactical mastermind and I’ll be the cheerleader.
We’ll get them into the Kreisliga in no time.

Next level trolling. This saga might be the most embarassing search for a manager ever.

Not Utd’s attempts at replacing Ol’ Whisky Nose?

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What a lump.

:joy: :wood:

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I knew that German food was rich…