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Bayern link with new managerial candidate:

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Debatable. One thing to get rejected by a number of managers, though negotiations being so public is already quite bad. But to be rejected by a manager you just fired a year ago and then after weeks of failure, trying to renegotiate with the manager you just fired weeks ago, just to again get rejected is pretty spectacularly embarassing.

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Anyone watching the final Bundesliga matchday?

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:crossed_fingers:t4: Union


Imagine if they get relegated in a season they started with CL football.

The only good thing is, if they go down, it might be possible to get a ticket.
It’d be for BL2, but still.

Bayern 3rd :joy:

Union :cry:



95th minute.


Talk about leaving it until the last minute.

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and its done!

And strings of the Alleluia chorus belt out over the Arena.

Xabi Alonso YNWA


Leverkusen finishes the season with 90 points. It must be one of the highest point-haul in Bundesliga history. Now go for EL and the Pokal.

Union is saved.

Sad that Koln is relegated, they were a hipster club.


The fact that they get relegated every once in a while is all part of the charm. That way they get to have a winning season sometimes.

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  1. Bundesliga with Köln, HSV, Schalke, Hertha…Those are some of the biggest clubs in terms of fan bases /members. All terribly managed though.

Is Koln badly managed too? I thought they are just too small/poor to survive in Bundesliga.

Legendarily badly managed, that’s why they’re poor now. Though being the first German club to receive a transfer ban while being relegated might be a new low.

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Well done Xabi. You broke the stagnant FCB domination with limited funds and in fine style. We could do with you here to do the same to the cheats. Hope to see you at Anfield in the home dugout in the future, but you’ll always be welcome at LFC, no matter in what capacity.



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I sprinkled the dust on Union Berlin having visited their stadium.

Bayern Munich :joy:

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Bochum (16th) to play the two legged relegation playoff against Düsseldorf (3rd in 2. Bundesliga).

Glad to see that the two teams with the best football in the league finish 1st and 2nd.

If Dortmund win the CL Frankfurt will also start in the CL.

Heidenheim finishing 8th is a great achievement for them. If Leverkusen win the Cup final they will even start in the Conference League.