Bundesliga / German NT

Madrid are keeping a very close eye on him

Knowing Madrid he could join and be out of work by the time Klopp retires.


Union out of form just before the biggest game in their history.

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It´s all over the German media now… Here we go :upside_down_face:


(only) 400k per month, deal (only) until the euros 2024


Nagelsmann confirmed as national coach.

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There like the Saudis with Salah.

Go away :wink:

Serhouuu Guirassyyy. 9 shots = 9 goals. More than anyone in the Top 5 leagues.

Needed a for more shots for his second tonight but he got it in the end.
10 goals in 5 games. Top of the league until tomorrow.

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Just been watching the BVB vs Wolfsburg game. A narrow 1:0.

Bayern beat Bochum 7:0 with Kane getting a hatrick.

It’s looking like a procession already.

I don’t even see Dortmund as their nearest challenges, you’ve seen how good Bellingham has been for Madrid.

Without him they are distinctly average.

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Bayern’s attacking options are scandalous, easily the best in Europe.

They’ll be hard to stop this season.

Of course but it’s not Dortmund who would anyhow.

Not on the level of City and ours.

Do you really think their attack is so much better than Arsenal, Real or Barca?

Kane Gnabry Coman Sane Musiala Tels for me is the best collectively in Europe.

Real & Barca don’t have any depth at all, Arsenal have Saka but the others aren’t on the level of Bayern. City have Haaland but again I’m not picking Grealish Alvarez Foden or Doku over Bayern’s options.

You forgot about Choupo - but he’s shit :wink:

They have depth but quality wise many of their players are overrated.

Difficult to compare whole attacking departments but

Lewandowski still two levels above Kane.

Vinicius, Martinelli, Foden and Kvaradona just a few wide attackers who a better than Sané, Gnabry and Coman.

You forgot Diaz

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For me he is not even back to the level when he arrived here but still one of the best left wide attackers in the world.

Didn’t want to write this (could end up in a jinx) but we have the best attacking department in the world - quality wise.


Nope. Bayern for me.

We have a frighteningly good attacking first choice 3 and two very useful backups and a promising kid. But Bayern have better depth.

City don’t need those attackers when they literally pass their way into goal.

Bayern have a high quality offensive department, no need to pretend otherwise. They needed a main striker and got themselves one of the world’s best. Scores, creates, links, a team player. If he doesn’t take the Bundesliga a bit too lightly, he will piss on that league. Attack is probably the best part of that team.

You can argue that Sane didn’t impress as much (or as expected, as he was a major signing in his peak) since arriving from City and that Gnabry has gone colder lately, but then the emergence of Musiala has been brilliant. Both a top talent and already one of the best between the lines players in Europe.

There are more question marks about their defence (so many changes) in last years and in goal, with a key figure like Neuer probably coming towards his end lately.

The other thing is how well balanced is that side, that hasn’t always been the case. But the tools are there to make it work, especially offensively. It seems like Tuchel wants to have more clarity this season.

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Real are bare, but Barca have enough attacking options they loaned out Fati - Lewi, Felix, Rafinha, Torres, Yamal, Lopez, and Pedri and Gavi play in the attack frequently.

I’d still take our forwards over Bayern though. And our midfield. And defense. And Alli. And Jurgen