Calvin RAMSAY: 2022/23

First Name: Calvin
Surname: Ramsay
Squad Number: 22
Position: Defender
D.O.B.: 31.07.2003.
Height: 1.77m
Weight: 71kg
Town of Birth: Aberdeen
Country of Birth: Scotland
Nationality: Scottish

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Wonder will we get to see him soon? Has travelled to Austria, so must be fit enough for a game there?? Maybe…

Is this the guy who did the music on our trophy parade?

Utterly surprised and delighted to see him making the matchday squad last night. :heart_eyes:

Nah, he is the chef that prepares all the players meals

Got his first competitive minutes in Liverpool shirt in the EFL Trophy. Hopefully he will get some minutes with the senior squad before the WC break. Stay strong, Calvin. :clap:

Good to see him get some minutes tonight, probably won’t against Spurs unless we have absolutely storming performances and have won by the 70th minute.

But should start against Derby for his first game and I would like to see a cameo against Soton


Looks a bigger, bulkier player than I was expecting. He did look a little slow in his reactions but that almost certainly because of the lack of game time and, well, Napoli were mental in how quickly they were closing down our players.

Very good decision making for all his limited touches and minutes last night.


Just. Stay. Fit. :pray::heart_eyes::star_struck:

First move on the ball and he does a little left-footed Cruyff turn under pressure, that’s probably the cheeky part Klopp was talking about how he likes it. Noticed that he has decent height and strong legs.

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So happy for the lad. :clap::partying_face:


Could be a nice little battle in coming years with him and Patterson. But we’ll see how they both develop.

Calvin Ramsey completed the most passes (104) and had the most touches (130) in last night’s game against Derby.

He also had 2 shots - only Oxlade-Chamberlain had more - and was not dribbled past.


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He reminds me a little when Bale broke on the scene. Fearless hungry determined and could easily transition into a winger.

He does, and he also reminds me of Fergal Sharkey

I didn’t notice during the game how comfortable he is passing with his wrong foot :+1:

I liked the way he stayed wide and sent crosses into the box. Would be a great idea when Nunez is playing.

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Made his Scotland debut the night,

Coming on at half time,

Didnt see the game, only the line ups and final score which we wont talk about…

Robertson looked sharp have to say, was in the background so didn’t watch much but his name was mentioned a lot and all positive.