Caoimhin KELLEHER: 2020/21

First Name: Caoimhin
Surname: Kelleher
Squad Number: 62
Position: Goalkeeper
Height: 1.88m
Weight: TBD
D.O.B.: 23.11.1998.
Town of Birth: Cork
Country of Birth: Republic of Ireland
Nationality: Irish

Is that with or without the ego? :smirk:

Well, after reading this, I think he’ll go to sleep tonight knowing he’s Liverpool’s no. 2 (if Alisson gets over his injuries), so he might feel a bit heavier. :slight_smile:


First proper match and I love him already. :sunglasses:

Two hundred more clean sheets for Liverpool and in my eyes he’ll be the best Irishman since Rory Gallagher (God rest his soul) and @ubermick.

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Yeah he plays against Wolves, no doubt it my mind.

The Lad did really well. Didn’t finch at the sight of fight. Wolves next, let’s go Reds.

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Well done young man, hopefully now our no2 keeper but let Adrian play the game in midweek next week.

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Nice performance, doesn’t surprise me because he was solid and clean work whenever he played for the first team.

He’s calm, to it was good to see that he’s vocal as well. I think it was a pre-season game in the US when he played United when I thought this kid has a cool head.

Could get his Ireland debut soon I think, their other two current goalkeepers are backups at West Ham and Bournemouth, not an amazing set of options.

2 years left on his deal, I guess he’ll get a new one some time this season and then we’ll decide next summer what to do with him next.




Good lad, well played… making a case as number two.

Now how do you say his name again? Sort of like an Irish version of Kevin?


He’s better than that. :smirk:


Caoimhin is the Irish version of Kevin.

To pronounce it’s simple enough:
Caoi - Quee (as in queen without the n)
mhin - veen (as in seen but with a v)
So Quee-veen.


Ireland’s problems aren’t in goal, they’re in scoring them. Don’t see Caoimhin displacing Darren Randolf any time soon, he’s been very consistent between the sticks for Ireland for a good while now. Always baffled me that he’s “only a #2”. One for the future though.


Just hope we remember this performance no matter what happens in the Wolves game, and don’t throw him under the bus for a few mistakes if they happen, forgetting all the praises we are throwing at him now.


Some funnies from PaddyPower (love some of the responses in the last tweet):


Being an uncultured bloke from Oz, i’m going with Kevin,or Kev (as we tend to abbreviate names,haha).

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Thanks @DublinRed

How do we pronounce Kelleher

Kell eh eh eh her in scouse accent.

So it’s Quee Veen Keh eh eh eh her!!!

Can I just call him Kelly!!!