Caoimhin KELLEHER: 2021/22

First Name: Caoimhin
Surname: Kelleher
Squad Number: 62
Position: Goalkeeper
Height: 1.88m
Weight: TBD
D.O.B.: 23.11.1998.
Town of Birth: Cork
Country of Birth: Republic of Ireland
Nationality: Irish

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He was sharp the day he was needed, sign of a great player in making. Well done lad. :clap:

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Glad that someone posted the clip of his saved penalty against Norwich in the League Cup match. I was amazed when it was replayed on TV.

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Hopefully he will not get injured or ill before the Watford game.

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He must be wishing Alisson goes for NT duties in November again :grin:. Good lad. :clap:

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Had nothing much to do vs Watfrod, but then made a sharp save late on. Shows good concentration, which is needed to be in goal for us.

Can tell the defence is very comfortable playing the ball back to him. Complete opposite of Adrian.

Think that was key we would send it back to him and he looked very comfortable with his feet, only time it didn’t happen and he had to make that save after Hendo mainly but a bit of Neco buggered around with it.

Also I feel Adrian may have conceded that earlier one as he had to move it was easy but the key part of the text is move.

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He’s got some interesting footwork about him - I obviously don’t know a thing about goalkeeping but this lad seems to always be on the move across his goal line. I think he also kept a clean sheet on his CL debut if I’m not mistaken, so I’m glad that he’s building up some confidence.

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Can’t help but feel sorry for the lad. Should have started in the last two CL games. Not debating Klopp’s decision, but maybe he should be trusted a bit more, or maybe Klopp knows best.

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I think the thought process was that our backline was otherwise relatively inexperienced, and definitely so in terms of playing with each other. With Morton in as well, it was the least risky option + he’s one of our main captains so he had to play in the absence of all the others.


Yeah that will have been the idea. Still a bit disappointed to not see him in action, as he has been outstanding everytime he had the chance to play for us. I hope that he’ll get a run in the league cup against Leicester and in the FA cup against Shrewsbury Town.


I’m fine with a few key players playing the Milan game (would be a bit worrying if some didn’t want to play a game like that), I don’t think we should change the entire team in a situation like that. Kelleher’s chances are domestic cup games (probably up to a certain point, we’ll see if that’s the case when/if we reach a semi or a final) and that’s also fine for where he’s at in his career right now. He went from more or less nowhere to be Liverpool’s second choice goalie, not much he can ask for right now. In some next windows, we’ll see if/when he wants to go somewhere else to play, because he’s also not a kid anymore.

Well done, Kelleher :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :muscle: :partying_face:


Caoimhín Kelleher is the fifth goalkeeper to win two penalty shootouts with Liverpool, and aged 23 is the youngest of the 5 to do so.

Bruce Grobbelaar (34 when he won his second)
Jerzy Dudek (31)
Pepe Reina (24)
Simon Mignolet (27)
Caoimhín Kelleher (23)

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Important win in the Carabao Cup for Caoimhin’s development. Plain to see he is only going to be used for the domestic cups (why else would Ali play in two dead rubber CL matches?).

So a good couple of games against the gooners and see if we can progress in the FA cup for more matches. Unless Klopp goes mad and plays Adrian.

If we get to the FA Cup semis, then maybe Ali will step in. But in the League Cup, it should be Kelleher all the way.


He’s the best back up keeper I can remember us having.


Wasn’t he captain for those? Added to the fact that we had a relatively inexperienced defence and Morton in front of them, I can see why we would want to put him there. Conversely, if Virgil had played we wouldn’t have seen Alisson I think.

This :100:

Can’t even get a game for Ireland ;(