Car insurance law

So, back in June a van stopped at a junction, then without warning reversed into me.
Bloke got out, looked at the minor damage to my car and apologised.
We swapped details, he admitted liability and we went our separate ways.

Then my insurers got in touch, saying this bloke was disputing the sequence of events, saying I drove into him.
I didn’t bother pursuing any claim as I’ve since traded in my old vehicle for another, without having the repairs done.
Just got my NCD form from my previous insurers, stating one open claim for £2210.
The claim is showing as open.
The amount quoted to have my car repaired was £700, so I’m assuming the claim is from the other driver.

Unfortunately, I was alone in my car, and there were two of them in the van.

Where do I stand with insurance law if I just ignore this?
No police were involved when the incident took place.

Ultimately this is a claim against your insurance company and not you. It’s up to them how they handle it but it is possible that the other party have tried this on before. Did you let your insurance company know at the time?

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Sounds a bit dodgy.
Yes I let them know, and was initially going to claim against the other driver to have minor paint damage repairs done.
Decided not to when I traded in, and now my new insurers are stinging me for more money saying I didn’t declare the open claim.
I didn’t even know about the other claim until my NCD notification came in

Sorry to hear that Dane, I’d be fuming. What are you asking exactly?

Can you switch insurers with an open claim?.. yes, I think so but you’ll likely lose your NCD and some insurers might not be interested or quote higher.

Can you change insurer if there’s an outstanding claim going on?

It is possible to change insurance providers even if you have an ongoing accident claim.

If you wish to get an insurance policy with a new provider but you have a claim which is ongoing, you’ll need to note the claim when getting a quote. When entering the details of an accident claim, you’ll be asked ‘Was it settled?’, and you can answer this as no.

Please note, you’ll need to enter the cost of the claim, even if it hasn’t yet been settled. However, if you don’t have the cost of the claim, you should check with your insurer to see if you can get an estimate.

Can you dispute the claim after the fact?.. yes, but it’s going to be difficult without witnesses or evidence, and the locations of the damage (his rear, your front) tends to support the other driver’s version of events. You would probably need to take professional advice which might not be worth it, if it’s not no-win-no-fee on a case that is going to be hard to prove.

I have no background in law, so this is just personal experience and google.

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I’ve no intention of pursuing my original claim, and am kind of resolved to being shafted by my new insurers.
Just wondered if the other drivers insurers can chase me for their bogus claim.
Not arsed if they chase my previous insurers, they can just suck it up.

There are people that engineer minor accidents and then make claims but usually this is for personal injury. £2210 doesn’t sound that much.

I’m curious as to why the claim isn’t settled yet. Presumably you only found out about this when asking for the NCD confirmation?

Just wondered if the other drivers insurers can chase me for their bogus claim.

Again, not a legal professional, but I’d expect the answer is no… .UK motor insurance protects you against liability for other people and their property in case of an accident. Fully comp also protects you and yours.

The only way you could be chased over this is if you had an unsettled debt with your previous insurers… but that’s a contractual thing between you and them, and I doubt it would affect any ongoing claims. There might also be a problem if there was a suggestion or proof of a criminal act… I’m not sure on that one, but I don’t think it applies in your situation.

I’m seriously considering getting a dashcam. I drive one of the kids to school in rushhour every morning and jesus christ some people drive like morons.

I think “some” is an understatement.

My sympathies to you @Dane. I know this is useless to you, but for the sake of everyone else reading this, always follow these guidelines and report it if necessary.

I’m not sure how it’ll play out in your situation, I’m not a lawyer but it sounds very 50-50 to me. I don’t think the passenger in the van would count as a valid witness in any case.

Sounds like a classic case of money making through false claims. More and more of this going on of late - I’ve been considering getting dash cams for both our cars. As others have said, it’s not a claim against you. But will impact your future rates I suspect! Insurance companies try anything to put premiums up!

I was rear ended this week when driving the wife’s car - but the other parties insurance is dealing with it - hope they don’t write the car off as she’s had it since new and worth more to us than what they will likely offer if they decide it’s not worth repairing! Made sure I spoke to my own insurance companies, including ensuring I got in writing that the other party was fixing the car, and that I was therefore making a non-fault claim and it won’t affect my NCB or premiums.

Yes, it probably will, although if you continue to push they may wave it.

Similar thing happened to my family a few years ago. Part of the issue is that the cheaper insurance companies save money by not having a proper investigative unit to look into such cases, so can’t or wont follow cases up.

Sounds as if u didn’t have dashcam…but did u take photos, of a. The car, b. The damage an c. Vehicle that caused the damage…cause they tend to help…our photos and the bloke stood there saying it was my fault helped our claim 2 yrs ago…but I’m not sure of the other legalities…good luck …coz the insurers some will try and wriggle their way out of paying out

This will hang over your head until either your previous insurers pay the claim(morally wrong but legally correct) or you convince them that the other party are acting in bad faith(not likely).
Unfortunately this will result in you having increased premiums until its settled.

Some people are absolute scum.