Champions League 1/4 final and 1/2 final draw

The Champions League draw is 11am GMT on Friday

Joining us in the draw will be


Who do you want and who do you want to avoid.


Avoid City and Chelsea. Porto or Dortmund suits me.


Happy to take any of them. I do prefer facing non PL teams in European competition though, just from the vibe of it.

I feel like we owe Real a drubbing so they’d be my number one choice.


Ordered preferences for me:

  1. Porto
  2. Dortmund
  3. Real
  4. Chelsea
  5. Bayern
  6. PSG
  7. City

I would rather have PSG and Man City in a one on one tie along with Bayern.

Prefer an continental European team happy with Porto, Madrid or Dortmund to be fair. If we get Porto I assume we are on our way to the final.


I’d like Chelsea and City to be on the other side of the draw so we don’t meet either till the final if one of them makes it. Sounds stupid but I’d prefer to be drawn against a stronger European side than a domestic rival. I think we get to play our own game more against European sides that will be attempting to do what they do best. Instead of setting up to nullify us and just do enough to score one or two against us.


Plus the build up is unbearable, I don’t watch the pre match stuff on TV but that’s amplified even more.


Yeah any other European side bar Bayern imo.

City and Chelsea know us too well and it’s a 1-0 game usually or penalties as the same is usually dull but intense.

European teams come out slightly more.

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Ideally the fixtures would be

Pot A
PSG vs City
Chelsea vs Bayern

Pot B
Dortmund vs Madrid
Liverpool vs Porto


And now it’s the big boys left - finally.

Yep agree with the sentiment that we avoid City or Chelsea.

I’d like Real. Reckon we could dust em and have some retribution.

City v PSG would be gold.


My perfect draw would be:

Chelsea v Manchester City (let one of the English clubs- ideally Chelsea- take out the other. Plus, that game would attract all the media hype so we can quietly go about our business)

PSG v Bayern (winner to beat the English club in the semis)

Dortmund v Real Madrid (obviously the former would be an emotional semi final for the boss; if Real go through, we owe them big time)

Us v Porto (there are obviously no easy games at this stage but Porto are the weakest remaining team and it gives Nat and Kabak more time to gel)

Pity that Portugal is coming off the UK’s “red list” tomorrow morning; probably means no trips to Budapest this time.

Ideally, Bayern v Us in the final.


I’d agree the best draw for us would be

City v Bayern
Chelsea v PSG

Dortmund v Madrid
Liverpool v Porto


The best thing about this draw is that Man City can’t draw somebody in league 2.

But somehow I still got a sneaky feeling the draw could look like this

Liverpool v Bayern
Madrid v Chelsea
PSG v Dortmund
Chelsea v Madrid
Man City v Torquay United


city to get Porto or their women’s side.


City or PSG. Because we know we have CL pedigree and they know they don’t.


Drawing Dortmund or Bayern would very likely mean we won’t be able to play at home or in Germany again.

Covid numbers here are exploding at the moment again.


Porto please with City vs PSG. You’ve got to beat the best at this stage to win it but it’s nice when their numbers are reduced.

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Think every team in the draw will be wanting Porto or Dortmund.

I think the other clubs will fancy us as well based on how we’ve been but that could work out well for us if say a PSG or Bayern underestimate us

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Any particular reason it’s on the rise again?

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Lockdown was softened a few weeks ago. Schools (partly) and Barbershops and Gyms for example were opened.

Personally i am expecting another hard lockdown after Easter again.

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