Championship and Football League

Don’t think it’s anymore than the championship being an incredibly unpredictable league…would anyone have had Lowe’s Preston top after 6 games after finishing mid table last season with newly promoted Ipswich in 3rd? Or Soton/Leeds being 9/10th.

In other news, I see Neil Warnock has “stepped down” at Huddlesfield.


Yeh, Huddersfield refused to pay for his Botox injections.

Yeah it’s the Championship it will always throw up a surprise side at the top end or two and playoff teams will drop off.

Coventry made the playoffs now midtable. If you get stuck you can get stuck it’s kind of why Everton would need an immediate return. It is one very competitive league mind looking at the teams probably the best Championship in some years.

I remember Barnsley was in the play off, then got relegated in the following season.

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Sunderland were once bottom having lost something like their first 6 games - they won the league. I think it was when Roy Keane was manager.