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@Zoran Isaac Christie-Davies just signed for Barnsley…what’s the scouting report on him? Will he be decent championship player?

Don’t know enoough about him (bits and pieces) or Barnsley!

@Sweeting is the man for this one. :grin:

sorry, getting my youth and transfer sources mixed :joy:

Sweeting definitely your go-to guy but IIRC he wasn’t terribly impressed by IC-D.

Yeah that was my impression…but my dad’s a big Barnsley fan, so is looking for info. I told him he was place holder in U23s for some kids not ready yet…

Yes exactly, his role was to facilitate the development of others rather than be genuine prospect himself. It was clear from the first game after he arrived that he wasn’t cut out for us really.

For a Barnsley fan I would say he is tall, strong and athletic. Not afraid of getting around the pitch and getting a foot in. He’s solid in possession and can grab the odd goal or two. He will probably go into their U23 squad to start with and see if he can force himself into some first team action. He is also coming off a major injury that required surgery so he will probably take some time to recover.

Not a bad player to take a punt on at the bottom of the Championship. He’s a solid all arounder with no exceptional talents but he could be good as a rotational physical presence.

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Some interesting results in the EFL Trophy last night - especially in games involving U21 squads. Kind of hard to know what to make of it when discussing the validity of the U21 squads being in the tournament.

Hull 1-2 Leicester U21
Southend 1-3 West Ham U21
Mansfield 0-3 Man City U21
Accrington 7-0 Leeds U21
Leyton Orient 3-2 Brighton U21
Oxford 2-1 Chelsea U21
Sunderland 8-1 Aston Villa U21
Swindon 2-3 West Brom U21
Cambridge 2-0 Fulham U21
Ipswich 1-2 Arsenal U21
Plymouth 2-3 Norwich U21

So 6 youth teams won (admittedly the “first teams” don’t usually field full strength teams) and 5 youth teams lost - two of them lost by 7 goals.

Really odd set of results.

I’ve crunched the numbers, and my considered conclusion is that Leeds’ and Villa’s youth sides are shite :joy:


Any idea why our boys aren’t playing till the 22nd of September? nearly 2 weeks away,when almost every other club have started the competition this week.

Boro v Watford to kick off Championship football. Brilliant, Friday night football. I predict a Neil Warnock special 0-0. :grin:

Middlesbrough looked terrible in the first half. A bit better in the second half, but it doesn’t look like the equalizer is coming.

My goodness! Boro hired Warnock? Have they completely given up? They do realize there is another league above them to which they might aspire to return.

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TBF Colin isn’t bad at bringing teams up… it’s the keeping them there that is more of a problem.

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I actually don’t dislike him, and your point’s a good one. They tried that path with Pulis, and it almost worked, but it’s gone to pot since then. Warnock is the sixth manager since Karanka, who built their solid foundation over his three years there. Not sure their problems can be solved in a single campaign, and it would be more logical IMO to find that gifted young manager on his way up. That’s said, let’s see what Neil can do.

Birmingham 1-0 Brentford.

With Warnock you sack him once he takes you up, his record in keeping teams up is appalling

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DeadPool In.

Sorry John.


Who’s Wrexham’s biggest rival? Please let Hugh Jackman buy them!

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I would assume it might have been Chester at one time, possibly Hereford?