Championship and Football League

Leicester do seem to have thrown it a away a bit.

They will have to start winning soon.

Ipswich top for now.

Leeds coming up next.

Wow Tom Cleverly is actually in charge at Watford :see_no_evil:

Really do hope Ipswich get over the line and earn promotion. A tough set of fixtures for them, four out of the six being against play off contenders. Final day against Huddersfield could also be a promotion vs survival show down.


Plymouth manager has been sacked but he’s been shit so probably no surprise.

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At this rate Southampton are going to win it, Leeds losing at home to Blackburn now.

Ipswich got a draw, really hope they do it.

But yeah it’s all over the place. Soton went absolutely garbage for a month and it looked finished.

Everyone of the top teams losing games, like nobody wants to win the thing.


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Another win for Plymouth by the way, does look like Steven Gerrard’s assistant in Saudi was just crap.

That’s the competitiveness of the championship for you, you see the top teams getting beat all the time unlike some other pissing leagues out there.

Fabby Carvs with another goal to his name, seems to bury most chances he gets which is good.



Foster, he was Gerrard’s assistant in Saudi, came to Plymouth pissed off everyone and was sacked.

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Funnily enough the man who has replaced Steven Gerrard’s former assistant is Neil Dewsnip, who was Gerrard’s PE teacher in High School.

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Southampton within striking distance of Leeds now. Reeling the top 3 in.

An away game against Leicester next week and against Leeds on the final day, could come from absolutely nowhere to win promotion if they win both of those.

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