Change Your Theme - Whats your favourite

  • Default Red/Red
  • Default White/Red
  • Minima Red/Red
  • Minima White/White
  • Simple Header/Footer
  • β- Black&Gold
  • β-Experimental Skin
  • β-Grey-Amber
  • β-Pale Red
  • β-Shades of Red

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Here at The Anfield Noise, knows everyone is a bit different and would like to enjoy the forum in different ways. As such we try to cater to this with different themes that alter look and feel of the place to your own personal tastes.

To alter the theme click on the Hamberger menu and you will see a selection of themes at the bottom of the drop-down box. They are all a bit different. Try them all.

Hi. Are there any plans for a dark mode? I haven’t got the option on my hamburger dropdown menu. :thinking:


Agree with @cynicaloldgit, a theme with less white would be appreciated!


@Prolix & @cynicaloldgit - minima white/white or minima red/red is okish. But yeah the default white is not just white, it’s eye blinding white.

Yes, I take requests and feedback to improve themes.

I made about 8 or 9 before going live and slimmed it down.

Would you prer the background to be black, with white text ? Or various shades of grey ?

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Personally I prefer shades of grey, but I’m happy to go with the general consensus.

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I will create a test later today for you to try :slight_smile:


Should now see a dark theme in menu


I second the light grey background as well. Sometime the black contrast too sharply with other stuff on other tabs, and takes a lot longer to adapt for this old pair of eyes.

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That’s quality but the main page has alternating colours, could they not be uniform?

(And this is probably full pedant… Red for the reply button and outline of boxes/Text etc.)

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With the dark Theme, still editing to get it quite right :slight_smile:

So you might notice some changes as you browse today using this theme.

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Agree with Draex about this, but otherwise I do like the dark mode. Would keep the header red as well, but it’s not that important all things considered. Does help with the sense of identity for the site!

Edit: actually, the dark/white alternating colors in thread lists (in a category) is very jarring. Alternating shades of grey would be better.

Thanks for feedback I will make those changes.

In meantime I have created several new color palletes to try.

To use these, please first select
*** Experimental Skin ***

Then go to your Preferences. (Click on Avatar, then Cog, Prefences)

Next click on Interface on webpage that comes up (on left)

Now Select Color Scheme drop down box

I have added:
Neutral Colours
Pale Red, Black, Gold
Red, Black, Gold
Grey Amber
Shades of Dark Red
Shades of Grey


But how many shades of grey?

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Only 49 shades :joy:

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**** Important ***** if you change your colour pallete, make sure you change it back to default if you start to change skins.

I’m going with "Red, Black and Grey / Darkmode for now. Looks great and is so much better for my eyes.

Thanks :+1:


To prevent inadvertent selection of colors for default themes (as colour pallet overides theme selector)

I have added several example beta themes (without logo and menu banner)

Fixed the alternating color (try a few of the skins)

Will try fix buttons latter :wink:

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Is the white in β-Pale Red skin better ?

Its a white with a slight red hue.

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