Cheick Doucouré (CDM) Crystal Palace

Mods can temporarily lock this pre-emptive thread if they wish.

Just stopping @Nikola from getting his paws in.

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Is there any reliable source- not just made up Twitter rubbish- on this?

Intent is for the mods to lock this thread up and re-open once there’s a definite link happening.

I’m not superstitious at all but circumstances :thinking:

Suspicious Hollywood GIF by Holly Logan


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Che(i)ck the sources.


Isn’t this guy 27 ? And haven’t they quoted £80m ?

End of chat.

23 I think


Yep. 8th January 2000.

Two days after my birthday, although mine was several decades before his.

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ah … that makes more sense.

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You are 97?

Oh sorry I misread several.

Anyhow I got excited for a minute, cheers mods

Not in their League Cup squad for tonight :eyes:

The “ITK’s” are speculating already.

Is possible he is rested but they do seem to have included a fair few of the starting 11 if not in the team at least on the bench.

Next match is Wolves at home for them. I suppose that’s more priority.

Yeah, as suggetsed we’ll keep this locked until any reliable links to him appear. Hopefully they do, but I’m not holding my breathe…