Chelsea v Liverpool | PL Matchday 30 | Tuesday April 4th 20:00

Going for this one because I can’t be bothered with the tedium of arguing about who is going to open it.

Chelsea are shite, all their midfielders are apparently shite and we don’t want to sign them, their forwards are shite and their defenders might be okay.

so 0-2

Hope you all enjoy it.


Oddly enough, there is probably a very similar post on a Chelsea forum somewhere about us.


past caring tbh

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Referee: Anthony Taylor. Assistants: Gary Beswick, Dan Cook. Fourth official: Andre Marriner. VAR: Chris Kavanagh. Assistant VAR: Nick Greenhalgh.


Yep …season is over so I can watch the rest of the games without stressing…:relieved: I feel quite zen…:person_in_lotus_position:t2:

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Sacked their manager just in time to get a bounce, not that they needed it.

3-0 Chelsea

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Away from home to a team under performing like ourselves but far more mobile than we are, so we know what is going to happen.

Or they were planning to sack him and that’s more difficult after a victory? Didn’t want to risk winning?

Yep… already fucked even before the game. Draw is all i can wish for with that crew in charge… anthony taylor is a fuckin dick…


Must not lose, must not draw, so we stuck with win or postponement. I think this game will be postponed 0-3.

Less than ideal timing, sacking Potter. Assume their new long term replacement wont be in charge on time.

You could say new manager bounce but would anyone notice.

I knew this was going to be a long season, so a long shot 0-3!

We win 10-0 and then Toddy suddenly feels sacking Potter did not improve things so re-sign Potter again.

It doesn’t matter.

The team that brought us to the edge of dreams is been hammered by supporters and pundits alike.

The owners that brought us to European Cup and league success are being questioned on every move. Buy us Bellingham or fuck off. Lets be City or Chelsea please. Fuckology of the highest order

The manager who dared to make dreams a,reality is being told by amateur fuckwits how the game should be played…he must be worried with all the fucking tactical geniuses on the net.

Add Salah, on too much money and not good enough any more.
Add VVD, past it.
Add Elliot, not good enough for a team challenging…

Wank over past glories such as Lucas (nice lad and all that shit).

Lads not watching any more, because they are “done” with this season.

Boo fucking hoo.
Get a grip and remember who we fucking are.


What gets me is that the same people who were lording it after the 7:0 victory against United are now saying that all the players and staff are rubbish and need to be sold / sacked.

It’s the same players who are very inconsistent at the moment. It’s very frustrating, yes, but it indicates that the problems aren’t as fundamental as the worst of the naysayers would have us believe.

We aren’t winning anything this season. However, we have 10 games to play, learn from, take stock and set ourself up for next season. Who knows, we might actually get a couple of decent results from them.


You’d be better off addressing this to the players and manager. They are the ones who need to remember who they are.


This is what the dressing room needs…


You think they don’t know?
The players were drained from seasons of losing out to cheats.
Ever think in your wildest imagination how that effects the group psychology?

All the bullshit “best fans in the world” diatribe stretches very thin when the team are not doing well. Its great to be celebrating the good times, but you earn the right in the bad times.

That is my point,

Ifyou dont think supporters should actually cut a bit of slack for the very people that were two games from immortality, then imagine supporting Swindon or Cowdenbeath or suchlike.
We are so fucking lucky to support this marvellous club.
So lucky.


Hopefully the lads can bounce then stun Arsenal too. 6 points from 2 games and we’re back giving it a crack. Come on lads.