Chelsea v Liverpool Sunday Jan 2 16:30

Cometh the hour …

Possibly against my own better intuition , or simply because no-one else wants to do it , I’ve decided to have my second stab at this thread starting lark. My record reads ; played 1 lost 1 … although it was a rather daunting challenge (Paris away a couple of years ago) , and as such , should be excused.

Anyway , to the game itself. Considering a draw would effectively gift the depressingly consistent City the league , then if ever there was a ‘must win’ game for both sides then this would have to be it.

With the chavs seemingly in disarray (Way to go Lukaku !) and beset with injury problems and ourselves smarting from that non-performance at Leicester , we have as good an opportunity as we are ever likely to get to come away from west London with three points.

The one big reservation for me , is that they’ll have Kanté back and we’ll be without Thiago. Step up Naby lad , we need a big game from you.

If Arsenal can take something from City on Saturday and we bag ourselves three points here , then maybe the league’s not such a foregone conclusion after all.

Come on Reds ! It ain’t over 'til it’s over.


Er yeah, alright then. Should have seen this one before starting another. We are in disarray right now, aren’t we? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Everyone’s heads have gone.