'Clear and obvious wrong' Referee decisions - possible title decider

Thread can be renamed or deleted if mods don’t think it’s necessary.

Thought about a thread where we can collect important questionable decisions for each of the title contenders (us included) over the course of a season.

Not sure how to organize this - maybe one pinned post for each title contender (is it possible?) which gets updated after the games if something happens.

Not looking for heated discussions - we have enough of those in other threads. Maybe we can decide about questionable decisions via
poll or something if they aren’t obvious.

Not every not given yellow card is a title decider.

What kind of stuff are we looking for?

  • questionable goals given / not given
  • questionable penalties given / not given
  • questionable red card / second yellow given / not given

Remember we are looking for incidents that can change the outcome of one game
A not given red card at 0-0 is different than at 3-0.

Looking forward to ideas how we could keep this thread going.

Manchester City

Matchday 3 vs Newcastle
2-1 down in injury time of the first half John Stones fouled Fabian Schär in the box. Yellow card and penalty not given.
Stones received a yellow (which should have been his second) in the 52nd minute. Game finished 3-3

Matchday 4 vs Palace
2-0 down. 28th Minute.
Ederson rolled out the ball. Edouard not even attempting to stop it, but Ederson actually rolls the ball into him, and Ayew slots it into the net. Ref Graham Scott blows before it rolls in, so VAR can’t even look at it. Should have been 3-0.

Matchday 6 vs Villa
1-1 with 10 minutes to go. Referee blows the whistle for offside just before a Coutinho shot hits the back of the net means VAR can not come into play. Phil was clearly on.
Match ends level but this might have been the winner.


If someone could go to 1min on this video and explain to me how the fuck Ederson gets that called as a foul I’d very grateful.


Herein lies a problem.
And perhaps not the thread to discuss, but VAR unable to intervene because the ref blows his whistle would lead you to think he blows it on purpose to disallow the goal.
If he waits the goal is given.
Major decision and incorrect.


12.2 Indirect free kick

An indirect free kick is awarded if a player:

  • prevents the goalkeeper from releasing the ball from the hands or kicks or attempts to kick the ball when the goalkeeper is in the process of releasing it

A goalkeeper cannot be challenged by an opponent when in control of the ball with the hand(s).

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Those are the rules.
He didn’t have the ball in his hands.


He’s literally holding the ball.

No; he releases it straight at Edouard.

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Édouard clearly moves to obstruct Ederson. Of course it’s soft but goalies get this call all the time. I can’t believe this is controversial. Social media age outrage machine in full effect.

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Its the same as Karius vs Madrid, and the goal stood. Really very little difference, the keeper was not in control of the ball, goal should stand. The ref fucked up the opportunity of review by blowing the whistle. Another hole exposed in the whole VAR not fit for purpose argument.

Regarding the social media outrage machine, its a discussion forum, you may not like what you read but that doesn’t necessarily make you right. Opinion is allowed, and a fair few on here and in general would question why the goal was chalked off.
Thats not outrage, its discussion.


Should Haaland not have gone for the high foot.I don’t think he even got booked.


Would love to see your thoughts at the time on whether that was the correct decision or not.

Karius made a mistake and the goal was correctly awarded.
Ederson made a mistake and the goal should have stood.

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If we’re going to do this thread, can we try not to be awful to each other?


There you go @Mascot
2 posts where I was awful to Prolix deleted.
Fair enough.

Opportunity missed

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Spurs can feel themselves very unlucky Cook did not get sent off. Looked like a clear red card to me.

Can anyone post a clip of that Villa offside situation?