Climate Catastrophe

Please note…if you have a Smart Meter…and are hoping for a discount for using electrical appliances at ‘off peak’ hours, there are a few catches…1. You must be registered with your supplier for hourly readings. 2. You have to be invited to join the discount system, it is not automatic for everybody. These are details I have just found out by speaking EON…so please check with your supplier, and don’t assume you will get the discount automatically…

Well that depends which way you go. Head north and you might end up with a walrus

Just had the joy of putting an order in for heating oil.

There’s an option for a little extra cash in providing some carbon offsetting. Tempting but it also has my scam radar twitching. Is this a thing?

Nothing to see here,just more stupidity from the human race.

It is, some people hate the idea, but there are some good projects that have been done. I have been working in and investing in carbon projects for over 20 years. I would check to see what standard they have are using, where they are acquiring their credits, and see if that aligns with your personal values.

I was listening to something earlier this week about further improvements in the hole in the ozone layer and it identified the 1987 Montreal Climate agreement (to eliminate CFCs) as the most succesful climate agreement of all time. It got me thinking about what was it that enabled that to be succesful in ways later challenges have not been able to be met.

I refuse to believe that it was simply that the alternatives to CFCs were palatable enough for everyone to accept them because opposition is never really about the alternatives being an step backwards. So was just a different time? (Republicans in the US didnt really start becoming anti-climate until the W years) Was it a lack of a powerful pro-CFC industry?

The cynic in me would suggest (without any evidence) that it was because the CFC alternatives had higher profit margins.

The UN guys would point to how well the process worked, etc., but I think in the end it had more to do with the fundamental economics. CFC production is highly capital intensive and needs considerable scale, but at the time of the negotiation there were economically viable alternatives which were also capital intensive. Those alternatives simply did not have the installed base, so to speak. Once the Protocol started the major economies/producers/consumers switching on a market pathway that made it viable (even if only due to regulation), they started pulling along the rest. If you continued to build or use goods that used CFCs, you faced progressively higher difficulty and expense in sourcing CFCs. The remaining producers faced declining market share and any reinvestment would be at risk.

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Not far off, I’d just reverse it. Available margins on CFCs faced steady decline for most producers.

It does seem though that the analogy should apply to oil. So where does it break down? The costs to drill oil is considerable, to the point that people will turn the drills off if the cost falls and the cost to getting production back up is considerable. I know on the macroscale that is an issue of market manipulation, but on the microscale it is one of basic economics for the producers.

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Yes, the hypocrisy is terrible, but is there something wrong with reducing flights, car usage, and meat consumption?

But as you say, the hypocrisy is terrible.
Sunak slated all over Twitter last week for taking a short flight, yet nothing said about their beloved footballers doing it every fortnight

I hate it too, especially whenever our club flies players by private jet.

I’m two minutes in and I can’t take it any longer, particularly the line just past about how woke people believe that “feelings matter more than truth” at precisely 2 minutes in.

Sounds like the typical right-wing nutcase with his head up his arse.

And before the snowflakes pile in, I’m specifically referring to the type of nutcase that is right-wing, not that all right-wingers are nutcases.

I’m talking about people who believe that woke people are the spawn of Satan. I’m talking about people who ridicule “wokeness” without any comprehension of what it is.

Ah okay… no offence taken at this end…
Shame really…
He goes on to tag the woke culture with the demands of climate change… looks at it slightly different to the way politicians do

“Snowflake” is a derogatory slang term for a person, implying that they have an inflated sense of uniqueness, an unwarranted sense of entitlement, or are overly-emotional, easily offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions.


Plenty of snowflakes in Tignes this week.