Cody GAKPO: 2022/23

First Name: Cody
Surname: Gakpo
Squad Number: 18
Position: Forward
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 76kg
D.O.B.: 07.05.1999.
Town of Birth: Eindhoven
Country of Birth: Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch

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Cody Mathès Gakpo [ˈɣɑkpoː]

Use the old Kolo Kolo song for him.

Co-dehhh, Co-dehhh Co-dehhhh
Co-Dehhh Co-Dehhhh

Some good stuff, some things he couldv’e done better.

I know he’s 6’2/6’3 but against Prem opposition thought physically he settled nicely…used his body well to get between man and ball.


There’s was nothing wrong with his performance. I thought he could have been a little braver with the ball. I think it was late in the game when he finally took someone on when he had the ball.

The Echo have done a piece on him comparing with Diaz’s debut. I don’t even think they provide the context of us going for the quadruple, us being in form etc. This is a very different season team-wise. Echo are shit.


Looks like he should be playing centrally rather than stuck out on the wing.

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Yep, it was when he was moved over to the right side and the defender actually got a great tackle in. You don’t really get wingers these days who only look to beat a man and get a cross in like your Lennon’s and Walcott’s used to do, they all want to be more involved in the play by coming inside and I’m not saying its better to play one way or the other but you have to play to your strengths. Luis Diaz can do both very well and thats where he comes of more use and why he is still our first choice on that side.

Interesting movement from him last night - he often drifted into left half-space and tried to make himself available for passes. I don’t know if it was instinctive or instructed. I think he could work well with Robertson and Nunez but not without a midfielder who can tie it all together.


I’m wondering if it was instructed, he certainly seemed unsure of where to be at times but that’s to be expected slotting into a new team with less than a week of training.

I thought overall he was good, quiet maybe but definitely did enough and will improve with the next few weeks as he settles in better.

Most probably instructed, as it’s nothing new from our left sided attacker. Klopp praised (pre-match) his game in small spaces, maybe he thinks in some of those creative aspects, he could be better or just simply a more complete/rounded player than Jota and Diaz. Each has their strengths. With Salah being a specific right sided attacker, we need a bit of more creativity on the opposite side.


I do hope he’s not fully fit, a number of times today he refused to chase down lost causes.

Can forgive him not looking settled or whatever straight away but I expected more effort and intensity.


Young kid can’t even be given few weeks to settle without being jumped on, yet the 8 whoppers behind him who’ve all been here for years get another pass.

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Yeah, all of the other players are getting a pass right now. No criticism at all.


Maybe my eyes decieved me but the through pass he seemed to have 2 yards on the keeper and just looked like he was running through treacle…

Yes agree though, nothing like when Jota or Diaz’s first minutes, they were like on heat… I get this is a disfunctional team but he just kind of slipped to that level rather than try to elevate.


I’m pretty sure Jota wasn’t quick to start, Jota’s main contribution was off the bench but he does do that run granted.

Twice that happened today. Looked like he just said fuck it to balls he could have reached.

Thought he was crap , and am beginning to think Dutch has called it right about him.

Maybe we’re just spoiled with the starts Jota and Diaz had.

Not everyone will have such a positive start.

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Cody could be thinking…what a shit show I’ve joined here…

I don’t necessarily understand the signing, contextually, but he is a wonderful player. I don’t see a way his ability isn’t ultimately a positive for the team, and I certainly don’t see the positive in beginning to write him off after two terrible games wherein we’ve done absolutely nothing to welcome him.

Even if he doesn’t work out here, I wouldn’t say Dutch is right about him, because he’s clearly just flogging an anti-Dutch/Eredivisie agenda, for whatever reason.

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  1. He is pretty young
  2. He trained just two weeks with the team
  3. He is playing in a dysfunctional team
  4. He hasn’t yet played two full games
  5. He is from considerably weaker league

Let’s spare the judgements till Jan 2024.