Comparison between Klopp & Rodgers

Atleast as per their onfield tactics , are the differences in their style of play huge ?

Both press high and prioritize direct football (quickest route to goal etc)

Also was Brendan appointed because he played the brand of football that fsg wanted… To emulate dortmund and klopp style of play ?

Brendan - no character, Klopp has bags of it!

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About the onfield style of play rather.

Also you’re being harsh on brendan , he was lacking quite a bit at liverpool and was found out quickly… But he’s improved loads as a coach too after that. Yes , he’ll never be Klopp… But the question is about his style of play and the similarities to klopp and his style of play

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Teams reflect their manager on the pitch. Brendan is a flake and thus his team’s are too, as prettily as they may play sometimes. He is the epitome of style over substance.


I thought Rodgers was all tiki taka when he joined us? From my perspective his tactics changed quite drastically both while he was with us, before joining us and subsequently.


He was pretty direct both at liverpool and then later on…

There are differences too as well , brendan for refusing to use firmino as a false 9 where jurgen did so well… But a lot of the gamestyle is very similar.

It was tongue in cheek mate (mostly)

Klopp has a more organised press, and the key difference (imo) is Klopp being able to build the mentality of the squad. Essentially he built mentality monsters, whilst Brendan couldn’t.

There are differences in the squad - i.e. Klopp has better players than Brendan had. Klopp has been able to extract maximum from the much fabled transfer committee, whereas Brendan was at logger heads with them,

All of that points to Klopp being a better fit for the club, being able to extract much more.

Brendan is a good manager, but he (from what I see) believes in his own hype and his dossier/folder on playing tactics etc. Klopp on the other hand is the front man, often citing the importance of his coaching team. He basically builds a collective approach from top to bottom.

I think for Brendan the Liverpool job was too early. He’s done good things with Leicester, and will be around longer than Klopp, and I think he’ll get one more shot at a “big club”.


He was. His idea for us was to be Swancelona. Brendan does not have a template. He plays what works at the time and then ditches it.

What is Rodgers’ style? In all phases of the game? I don’t think anyone knows it. He’s still working that out.

We know certain things and principles he likes, but not all. He failed to make it a circle that makes sense in all phases of the game.

When he was here, he talked about wanting to create a fusion between attacking/possession football, pressing and having a Britishesque block at the back, whatever that means/meant.

Some moves when he was with us are almost the complete opposite of a manager who wants active/pressing football and playing out from the back.

Stylistically a few examples: from Reina to Mignolet, from Agger to Sakho, going for Benteke after a problematic season, etc.

I think the move to Celtic was clever, he dropped a level, but at least went somewhere where he could train his idea, needed to be protagonist and prove he can win, having a return to a top club in England in mind one day.

I’m still not sure about the clarity and excecution of his idea, though it’s difficult to judge now at Leicester.

I guess he’s made some steps, got experience and now we’ll see when/if he gets a more important job in the future.


Reina going out was unavoidable though… But yeah why mignolet.

Same with agger replacement being sakho.

The question is more about whether brendan and his style of play right now is klopp like.

Biggest difference I have between the two is their ability to build a team. Klopp can clearly do this. Rodgers, when he was with us, didn’t have the foggiest idea. I put the fact that we ended up with Balotelli, Benteke and the like firmly at his feet. These options should have never really been on the table in terms of the types of players we needed and based on the tactics Rodgers was employing at the time.

How much Rodgers has changed or what level of influence he has on transfers now or when he was at Celtic I cant say.

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Look at his transfers for Leicester now…

They’ve both had their teeth done.

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I honestly don’t know what he’s done there who’s come in and who’s gone.

I’ll look it up though.

Yeah, I was aware that the quality levels likes of Reina and Agger were dropping, but I found a lot of those decisions stylistically weird (and clashing) in coleration with what Rodgers wanted to sell as his idea.

I think he’s pretty good (no need to pretend otherwise), he’s flexible, but for the top level next time, will be interesting to see if it’s less contradictory, more clear and better executed on the pitch.

Also Reina didnt exactly give us an option. Flirted around with barca only for barca to pull out at the end. We had already signed mignolet then

Agger , his body just flat out gave up.

Either of those cases , it’s more on who brendan signed to replace them. Both the replacements weren’t right fits in terms of their gamestyle and what brendan professed to want to play.

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Also where and how our last line played and the type of players up top who should’ve been our first defenders. I think he showed talent tactically, probably was also good on the training pitch, could talk with players (though some others are simply a level or two above), but it was also pretty wild. A lot of clashing aspects, not enough togetherness from back to front. Which resulted in a team that could create/score a lot, but concede a hell of a lot, too. And that’s never a good sign if you want to be a top side. To play the football he apparently wanted to play, you needed to have a team much more in line with each other, from goalie to striker.

I don’t watch enough of Leicester to really say, but whenever I’ve seen them with Ndidi in at No.6 they play a similar style to us, but in midfield their other to CMs (usually Maddison / Teilemans) are not as press minded - which I put down as tactical. Also their fullbacks aren’t as progressive.

I guess the only real way to know would be to see Brendan have a go with this Liverpool squad for a month, and see how it goes - like a wifeswap thing!

Tielemens does press… Fair point w.r.t maddisson , either way not as much as what the liverpool midfielders do.

If klopp didnt have wingbacks like Taa robbo , he would have played through the midfield as well like what brendan is doing right now.

As others have said, before Brendan came here his footballing philosophy was much more possession based than it has become. I don’t know whether the initial shift to being more direct and pressing came from necessity (based on players available), a conscious decision from himself or a suggestion by the club itself - I would guess Klopp and Dortmund’s approach would have come up during the interview stage or afterwards at some point. He is capable of copying and that is probably what he has tried to do - but the complexity behind the pressuring triggers that Klopp sides do so well is something Brendan wasn’t able to get right with us.

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