Console gaming thread

It’s just a piece of garbage, contributes to mental health 100%. Negatively.

Now I have to get back into working the controls of shooter games.

who are my PS5 guys in here? Anyone tried using a KB / Mouse with a Playstation? am curious… apparently there’s compatibility but not sure for gaming if it’d work?

I was a Pro Evo player growing up and could never get into FIFA after that. Always feels so stilted and just not at all fluid. I have FIFA 22 on my Nintendo Switch so I try and play it every so often but I get bored before half time due to the poor gameplay.

Master League is also still a better game mode than anything EA have come up with.

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I have never played Pro Evolution. Have been playing FIFA for so long I just got used to it. However, after so many years it just becomes boring

Hands down the most rigged piece of garbage I’ve ever played.

& for a game that’s supposed to entice users to play all year round, EA doesn’t really do a lot to support that.

Got Carlisle into the Premier League in FIFA. The board wanted me to ‘sign a veteran’. As it goes against my usual philosophy, I waited until after the January window to see if there was anyone available on a free or a pre-contract.

Turns out Messi was available so obviously snapped him up. Kept him out the squad for the Arsenal match so the camera men could keep picking him out and speculate as to what he was making of it all as my second team gave Arsenal a suprise thumping.

Gave him his debut in the FA Cup away at Sheffield Wednesday where he obligingly scored a hat-trick.

They won’t. EA don’t give a fuck about the state of their games. It’s all about maximising profits through the various micro transactions in their games nowadays.

My current FIFA career has morphed into a sort of hybrid rpg, as one of my youth players has the same name as my Great grandfather and is from Northern Ireland like my great grandfather, so he’s going straight in the reserves as captain, and if I get offered the Northern Ireland manager job again then he’ll be straight into that squad too.