Console gaming thread

I understand that some people have these white or black box thingies that sit near their TV that allow them to play games. I’ve heard people talk about COD - some kind of fishing game, I take it? :wink:

In any case, discuss your TV box thingies here.

Any thoughts on next gen box thingies now that we have a price and details of release specs and date.

The PS5 looks like it is releasing with better games and has far superior exclusives coming soon. My last two consoles have been the 360 and the XB1 but I’m thinking this time I’ll switch over to PlayStation. Xbox’s Game Pass is better than the PlayStation equivalent but there’s just no exclusives I really care about on Xbox anymore, Halo and Gears used to be favourites of mine when I was younger but I kinda feel like those franchises have ran their course now. Microsoft have recently purchased Bethesda so it will be interesting to see what new ip’s they release in the future exclusive to Xbox but I imagine it will be years before we see them.

Spec wise they look pretty similar. Nothing really swings it either way in that regard. Both consoles are unfortunately pretty ugly looking as well.

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Yes, I think Microsoft have realised the difficulties they have in promoting the Xbox without exclusives and that has driven them into buying companies such as Bethesda now.

I too have had a natural affinity to the Xbox, but for the first time am considering the PS5 if i buy this generation because of the exclusives in particular its history of good RPGs.


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Enviable work history :rofl: