Corruption in football

There used to be a similar thread to this on TIA but the above news seems worthy of kick-starting this one here on TAN.


Is anything going to happen? I feel the present leadership is continuing with their predecessor’s works.

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Cunts accussed of being cunts.

Is anyone actually surprised?

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A six year investigation!! I think someone has been milking the overtime budget there.
I’ll put money on neither of them spending one day in prison.


Hopefully they don’t get off on a technicality like Man City.


Football governance is an absolute cesspit. I don’t have a clue how it gets sorted.


Breakaway leagues. Oh, wait…


Problem is that’s just replacing the wanker with another wanker, Perez and his “saving football” is just another cheek of the same arse.

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I wouldn’t believe it if someone told me they are not corrupt. They probably just being more careful.

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There is that, yes, but Football is a monopoly with the continental associations and Fifa with all national federations having to affiliate. Even national governments cannot intervene in their countries football association because of FIFA’s articles or they’d get kicked out. In theory its supposed to discourage political interference but it reality it means the Football Associations, UEFA, Fifa etc are almost outside and above the law. By controlling the game as such they control absolute every aspect of the game without any opposition and if anyone disagrees then fines and bans for you boyo.

Not saying Perez is better. He’s a grade A tosser himself but a situation where our Club can control what goes on around it to a greater extent than having to kowtow to fat cats interests sounds better to me than endless pointless international football which we end up paying for in our treatment room.


Our club didn’t have a lot of control, John W Henry did and he could have sold up at any time.

Liverpool FC weren’t founding members, John W Henry was. I can see where that was going, breakaway by all means but not as a means of propping up very rich people who have no interest in the game.


Sad France GIF by Fusion

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A sentence he will see out in a 5 star hotel…I mean prison, in Doha.


He will have a 125 lashes a day, that he will have to pass off to the lower status convicts

Someone obviously didn’t get their monthly brown envelope



Heard that one before…

Every K-Drama with the baddies also use that excuse. :rofl:

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