Curtis JONES: 2021/22

First Name: Curtis
Surname: Jones
Squad Number: 17
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 75kg
D.O.B.: 30.01.2001.
Town of Birth: Liverpool
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English

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I’m a bit sad for Curtis. Can’t find the figures, but I think he didn’t play as many minutes during the preseason as other players who are viewed as alternatives to our regulars.

He had an injury early in preseason and then he got absolutely smashed multiple times in the final preseason game forcing him off early. Don’t think it reflects on him as a player - and given that we manage his minutes quite closely anyway I’m not sure it’ll slow him down much this year.


Okay, I didn’t know that. :+1:

So happy to see him coming in last night.

I think it’s the younger players like him (and some of the not so young ones) who have a big say in how our season pans out.

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Two really good cameos against Milan and Palace. High energy and quality on and off the ball in both performances.

Looks very quick and filled out now, can see his game time upping in the near future. Interesting to see Klopp’s using Jones in that left forward position at times now too, where he was so good for the youth sides.

Plenty of minutes in it for him this season.


Nothing to add. So happy for the kid. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Would like to see him playing on that left side in the cup game, not sure if that will be viable with the midfield options we have available and are willing to risk now Thiago is injured but he’s shown a few glimpses of real quality. I’d wager we’d get more from him there than we would Minamino.

This kid is special. Hope he gets around 2000 minutes this season. He needs those minutes to become the monster he is meant to be.

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Is it just me that thought he was poor tonight?

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I heard he was very good. Maybe it’s that unusual position that confused you???

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I didn’t think he did too badly, just thought that perhaps the strange position might have taken adjusting to. Once he moved forward I thought he was much better…

He took 20 odd minutes to settle into the game in the deeper role, very good afterwards, easily the pick of the 3 starting midfielders.

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Just watched first half, Jones fairly subdued, but thought it because was trying to stay home/ play #6 role. Hit a couple nice passes but parts of game passed him by. Don’t think he is a destroyer like Fabinho lol. Looking forward to watching how he does further forward second half.

Edit: more lively second half, thought he did fairly well.

Watching Jones, I always think he should be more powerful player, but he’s a bit more finesse than power. No idea if that makes sense, maybe he’s just short of a touch of pace to really drive forward with the ball and go past people. He’s excellent technical player, I’m not trying to criticize him, there is just a dissonance between the player I think he is and what he actually does.

I didn’t think any of the lads bar AOC had a bad game. That said, it was a patched up midfield and it took Jones a while to find his feet. He’ll probably need more time than Elliott to find his best role in this side. I wish he would dictate the game more, I think his on-the-ball quality is immense, it’s about improving decision-making. Not every ball has to be a flashy one.

Jones has excellent close control and protects the ball really well, but his passing range is quite lacking from what I am seeing and he very rarely plays a pass that is decisive to put players in good positions to create goals

Nope for me he didn’t have an effective game, but still was the best of the starters in midfield

I hope so as he held us together in midfield in the 1st half. He adjusted well to the deeper role given to him and more than compensated for the inadequacies of AOC and Kieta. The amount of adjustment that must have taken for such a young man is amazing. What was there to criticise?

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Looks fresh to me, ready to continue where he more or less left off last season. We’ll see if we use him at RCM in sort of Elliott’s role from the first few games and also if Hendo plays more LCM, like Klopp did for the first time with him against Chelsea. How we combine those #8’s with their different skill sets, etc.

Klopp mentioned that Jones was dropped into No.6 last minute when it was clear Milner wasn’t going to make it.

Given he’s not a No.6, I thought he did alright. Got involved, had some good moments, the odd sloppy moment, and had a ball blasted at his face by Taki.