Daft Prick Boehly‘s Stamford Bridge Globetrotters

Tbf to the guy he’s only a 100m player because Chelsea thought it was a good idea to pay that for a kid who’d only played about 40 games at senior level…that’s not the kids fault.

They’ll probably be saying the same about Palmer next week despite the fact he’s only played a handful of games.


At what point do we begin to get suspicious of a money laundering aspect, with such huge fees being paid


The only thing with that is that you normally expect to see a sizeable proportion of the laundered money back. I still can’t fathom out what the business model is here.


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Just came across this from a few months ago - Mudryk, not content with being one of the worst signings of all time, showed himself to he a dick on SM by posting a video of a man in the gym to laugh at him.

Joey Swoll (one of the most wholesome guys on tiktok) called him out on it… Either help someone or mind your own business. #gymtok #gym | TikTok