Darwin NUNEZ: 2022/23

First Name: Darwin
Surname: Nunez
Squad Number: 27
Position: Forward
Height: 1.87m
Weight: 81kg
D.O.B.: 24.06.1999.
Town of Birth: Artigas
Country of Birth: Uruguay
Nationality: Uruguayan

Still hasn’t f’n scored.

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On 29mins:


Came to say this, I can’t believe he hasn’t scored yet.

Good times… :smile:

I wish we bought Martial

Is that a dyslexic Thai bride?

That is one scary photo - outrageous that you would post that on this thread!


Im Not GIF

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Message to the haters

I don’t get it.

Says resilience with a sush emoji like basically saying he don’t care what people are saying

What are people saying?

Weird post, I see he said resilience plus posting 3 pictures of him without much meaning.


Twitter is full of weirdos, including Liverpool fan accounts, calling him a flop or saying how overrated he is.

Funny thing is that, having played about 60 minutes of football for us he could quite feasibly have scored three goals already. Seems like a very exciting prospect to me.


Yeah, but you’re not an idiot so it’s hardly a fair comparison.


Not sure my wife would agree


Exactly that, he’s played 2 bits of friendlies. Please don’t react to that, Darwin.


She doesn’t think he’s a good prospect? Give her head a wobble.

Yeah wish players would stay off twitter - if they do use it it needs to be done to promote good causes or celebrate 100 games etc. Not to try and boost their ego. As professional players they have to try to switch off from criticism and certainly showing they are wound up by it is just asking for trouble.

Hope Darwin can evolve as his new environment will be unforgiving on this score

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