Ding Dong.....the US Politics Thread (Part 2)

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On Lauren Boebert.

I’d agree with the author on the accusations being spread around w.r.t abortions etc.

Calling her a hoe and skank is still something I would do though

I think you might be on safer ground with white / trailer trash.

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Deplorable. Cull the fuckers.


After Boebert’s mother, Shawn Roberts Bentz, accused professional wrestler Stan Lane of fathering Boebert, Lane took two paternity tests, first in the 1980s and the second in 2023, which proved that he was not Boebert’s father.[235] According to Boebert: “My mom was 18 when she had me, which inspired me to be a mother when I was 18 years old.”

Lauren Boebert Theater Video Sparks New Democrat 'Setup' Theory.

the loony theories again.

Much as I am not a fan of politics and almost all political figures, these sorts of events/conversations belittle (if that is even possible nowadays) what’s left of concept of politics.

The ever impressive , and eloquent , Adam Schiff pulls back the curtain on Jim Jordan’s latest sham hearing yesterday.

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Living here as a dual citizen, I am watching closely to see if we have the rule of law.

I remember my ceremony vividly, when I became a U.S. citizen. It was in an impressive courthouse/government building in the center of Indianapolis. People from all around the world were becoming citizens as part of the same ceremony (I would guess a couple dozen). Most were in suits or formal office wear. Some were in national dress, depending on the country they came from. It was a magnificent occasion.

The judge - a very impressive African American lady, started out with an impassioned speech. It was the usual sort of thing you might expect. American dream, blah blah blah, go and make your contribution, etc. I specifically remember she talked about the United States being a country of law, and she made a special point of saying that in America, nobody is above the law.

At the time I had a green card and they last for ten years. I chose to become a citizen as it was the start of Donald Trump’s rise, politically, and to hear him talk, it made me feel a bit vulnerable as a foreigner who was living here. I was here legally, with a green card, owning a home, paying my taxes, helping America’s economy in my own small way, being a good neighbor, etc.

But I didn’t want to be on the wrong side of a ruling by Trump that would disrupt my family, so to protect against that possibility, I became a citizen.

All this leads me to make the same point as Adam Schiff, that we are testing the rule of law issue here with Donald Trump. Great countries will always have mistakes and miscarriages of justice and so on. Generally speaking they should be rare, and there should be a system of redress if an injustice has occurred, such as a mistaken or unjust police killing.

But in this instance, we are talking about someone at the top of the pyramid, who actively devised a scheme to unlawfully stay there, stirred the pot to create a violent uprising, and has been lying out of his arse since then, to try to make it about a crooked system, and a crooked political opponent in Joe Biden, when Trump is the clear and obvious danger.

Democracy is messy. It’s easy to talk about how shit it all is, and pull apart the pantomime of it all either here or in the UK, or elsewhere for that matter. But it’s the best system we have, if some basic rules are adhered to.

I don’t want to be foolhardy and make a prediction about what I will or won’t do if Trump prevails, but I honestly have significant concerns about staying in a country if they allow this to happen, and he should continue to prove to be above the rule of law.


Yeah I’d be making plans to facilitate an orderly exit from the US: U sex it?

Did you say sex ?

@PeachesEnRegalia , this convo seems right up your alley ?

Just a reminder that refusing to help Trump’s coup plot does not make someone pro democracy nor one of the good guys


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And he also previously rigged his own re-election campaign with a massive voter purge , which was copied by many others in red states. More proof , if any were needed , that the GOP is basically an anti-democracy party.


Right, that it is the point that so many people who should know better miss. The old guard like him and McConnell who didnt like what Trump did have no desire to see fair elections. They just want to steal them with more decorum and class.


lol … they had a nice little number going … until Trump came along and had to say the quiet bit out loud.

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“Despite all that… still better than Biden.”

And that sums up the GOP, and many millions of Republican voters, which is why another Trump Presidency will probably happen again. The best chance of stopping that are the various legal problems, but the law is too slow. I hope to be proved wrong on that but so far it has been inadequate in putting any meaningful check on Trump, and he continues to do what he likes.

Trump should be in jail. He is as bad as it gets. But most Republicans would just sort of shrug their shoulders and vote for him anyway, and the most you will get out of any of this lawless bunch would be, “Well, he is a bit of a character!”



Looks like Sen.Menendez’s indictment might just have opened up a whole can of worms.