Dominik SZOBOSZLAI: 2023/24

First Name: Dominik
Surname: Szoboszlai
Squad Number: 8
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 74kg
D.O.B: 25.10.2000.
Town of Birth: Szekesfehervar
Country of Birth: Hungary
Nationality: Hungarian

This guy is going to be massive for us.

Say it three times in a row :grin:

Szekesfehervar - Shit cash forever

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Sadly you’ll probably find me defending this lad more than usual :joy:

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It’s actually not that difficult to pronounce - but writing it down is a pain with all the vowels they have in their language!

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Aww he seems so sweet :joy:

He was impressive. :+1:

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Does anyone else think he has a look of…wait for it…John Travolta…not that I like him…in fact I cant stand Grease or Saturday Night Fever…just saying.

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They all used to wear Patrik Poor, Krisztian Adorjan and Krisztian Nemeth shirts.

You’re forgetting András Simon, and the best of the lot, Péter Gulácsi!

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How many of you remember Istvan Kozma?

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We’ve come a long way

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Injured apparently.

He just has a slightly swollen ankle, happens.


I find it really annoying when every little thing is immediately over-dramatized and even the training is called into question. Some fans are real drama pussies tbh. Ridiculous

Welcome, lad, you’ll fit right in! :joy: