Downunder Thread

Ah… as in slang

Dinkum/fair dinkum Honest, genuine
Dinky-di The real thing
Dob in, to To inform, to “grass”
Dog and bone Telephone
Don’t come the raw prawn Don’t try to fool me. To impose on or deceive
Downunder The area on the Globe where Australia and New Zealand is, as compared to Europe and North America who are “up-top”
Drongo Worthless person
Drover Mounted herdsman. Sheep or cattle
Drown worms, to To waste time
Dunny Toilet
Earbash Talk non-stop
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Don’t come the raw prawn Cynical.

They sang “Do you come from a land down under” down under described the land.

Downunder is an informal noun (as defined above) meaning the countries (particularly Australia) in that region of the globe.

Australia Downunder Dictionary | Australia Tours | Goway

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I counted 5 of those sites I visited. Moheno wasnt in itself interesting, but Fraser Island was stunning. Lake Mackenzie was unreal.

Just landed in Hobart from Melbourne in a very turbulent flight :nauseated_face:

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I remember flying from Gold Coast to Sydney last year, the turbulence was significant and lasted a long time!

Coolangatta to Sydney flight is about 1hr. Not sure how turbulance could last a long time on a 1hr flight - unless it ws the entire flight

Yeah mate pretty much was, I had to hold my 9 year old’s hand the entire flight, she hates sudden changes of speed and sudden drops (I love rollercoasters, she hates them).

Melbourne to Hobart can’t be much more than an hour.

I flew on Rex, nice staff and service, flight was delayed by 30 minutes, flight time was just under an hour, the approach to Hobart was the worst haha with all the female screaming or maybe guys who screamed like girls…:joy:

Give you all an uninspiring picture of the Tasman bridge

A few pictures of art and stuff I saw in MONA Hobart


Spot the odd one out :wink:

2 of them look to be priceless works of art. The other 3 look ok, but nothing special

Only in Australia…

Maybe he just shoved it down his trunks to impress the ladies…!

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Saw a dear old familiar friend in Port Arthur. A tribute to an old friend. Not sure you all can make out which is the real seagull and the one I drew.

The one on the left, the grass gave it away.

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That was pretty sharp of you

Whispering grass