Downunder Thread

Leaving for Sydney two weeks today. Looking forward to seeing friends and enjoying Aussie Spring, but very concerned about the weather

Will be flying back myself in 8 weeks. Into summer. In Bundaberg

Fuck me it’s going to be painful

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At least you’ll get plenty of ginger beer :beer:

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Anyway to summarize my trip to Tasmania or actually just Hobart, main sites I went to Port Arthur, and also to the surrounding Tasman Peninsula like Remarkable cave etc, Bruny Island, was nice, MONA was extremely interesting, had some fruitless drives like up to Mount Wellington but it was raining heavily and foggy by the time I reached haha…and then driving almost 2 hours to Hasting Caves only to be told all tours booked out for the day…they told me usually its ok not to book ahead but it was the school holidays. The Unzoo was a nice experience too in how they wanted to house animals. . It was my first time seeing so many devils roaming around in day time. And being upclose to very docile kangaroos was a first too other than the kangaroos who hung out right in front of my accomodation in Halls Gap. Salamanca market was a nice stroll through on a Saturday morning. Overall I think definitely Tasmania had alot of nice places I suppose, and Hobart was a nice introduction for me. Hope to visit the rest of the island in future.


It’s been really lovely up here in Qld. Mid 20’s. Over in Perth last week we had one warmish day in the high 20’s and the rest low 20’s, Cold overnight.

I wouldn’t look into it too much. It’s the same sort of extremes we are seeing in every other part of the world. Looks like it will cool down to 17 in Syd on the w/e.

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Yes, not that worrying at all…

Having experienced summer 19/20 in Sydney, it’s not something I’d like to repeat. I just hope the authorities are prepared this time.

Worried that he’s moving to a place that’s on fire, when everywhere in the world is on fire, freezing, flooding, being ripped apart by wind.

Sorry, but that’s just hyperbole. I’m in Berlin where it’s pleasantly warm for the time of year (20°). There haven’t been any fires, floods, hurricanes or other natural disasters here since I arrived 30 years ago, and certainly none at present.
Australia is more at risk from climate change than other parts of the world, and is at a point in the el nino/la nina cycle where extreme heat, drought and bushfires are very likely.


My record downunder is less than perfect.

mmmm…Bundy Dark…

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Not gonna lie…

Pretty ashamed to be an Australian today.

The Voice was a tiny step forward, would have changed literally nothing in any white Australian’s life.

The First Nations’ cause has been set back 30 years.

For shame.

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It might have made life slightly more difficult for multinational mining conglomerates.


Fuck…you’re right.


So we had a national referendum on whether an ATSI advisory committee would be written into the constitution so that a successive government couldn’t just abolish it like had happened to every other ATSI committee every other time in the past (might and just go out on a limb here and say they’ve all been coalition governments…).

An advisory committee. Jesus Fucking Christ.

And pre-referendum polling showed that the majority reason of would-be No voters was that ‘they don’t want the country divided by race’.

Utter cunt-stains. Make no mistake: for me this is a far more embarrassing result than Brexit. Unlike then where you can at least track a semi-logical course to how someone came to their (naive) justifications for Leave. We are just a country full of racists. Probably didn’t need another referendum to point that out though.

Why do all these shit referendum results follow me around wherever I live? Maybe I should move to Russia?

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I would suggest USA, but they seem to be doing a good enough job themselves already without your help :wink:

dont be.

i feel like i have to qualify this …i voted yes.

completely understand why it was rejected by the majority…

Australia isnt a place full of redneck racists, and peole who voted no are not to be label racist…it was a wishy washy question almost designed to fail…albanese is to blame for this divisive mess…it didnt have to happen…he didnt have to bet the houses money on such wishy washy framing.

real change will happen. the will of the people IS to recognise that first nations people need things to be changed…

this proposal from the labour government was just a shite political grab that backfired.

dont be ashamed of the poplulation…be understanding.

they just dont trust the political process…

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no we are not.

this is catergorically not true.

i know people who vote no, they are not racist. i can catergorically state that.

That’s a fair and measured response.

However, I feel if a majority cannot accept such a fuzzy, abstract step forward, meaningful change on the ground is as far away as ever.

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Yeah, Nah. While the voice would have been harmless, not doing it just cannot be compared to the stupidity and massive long term cost of Brexit.