England National Team

Good as they could have hoped.

Generally some good build up play.

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England were better than I expected. Lots of attacking threat and goals in the team. Mind you, let’s see if they keep it up against better opposition.

The defence is not as strong as it needs to be though, and won’t hold out against the better sides.

Could make for some interesting games, with goals at both ends.


I was thinking today (yes, I know me thinking is dangerous) that this England squad really looks suited to a 3-5-2 formation.

If I were Southgate I would look at something like


   White --- Coady --- Stones

TAA ------------------------------------------Trippier

   Mount ---Rice --- Bellingham

      Kane ----- Wilson

Give TAA and Trippier the freedom to bomb forward and ping crosses into the box for Kane and Wilson, with Mount and Belingham pushing forward in midfield to get intot he box supporting the front 2 while Rice can sit and protect the back 3, who are all capable on the ball so playing out from defence shouldn’t be an issue. And they don’t have the added stress of needing to sit deep to cover for Slabhead’s lack of pace or shite turning circle

Against the better sides we will switch to 3CBs and in turn loose all the fluidity in midfield that trio had. Tactical flexibility is really beneficial, but while this group can play in two different ways, they seem to do it in a way that has no continuity in approach when they make the switch.

Did anyone catch what happened to Maguire to force him off. I looked and couldnt see anything and so concluded he was just acting after being embarrassed at losing the Iranian guy running in behind him.

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He was rubbing his eyes and dazed. I reckon he was seeing double or something. Either through his lack of quality or maybe he got hit earlier or something by a stray arm

King Harry back in training.

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Com’on Wales!

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England, pah!

First game, looked good. Started to have some hope.
Second game, ah, there it is. That’s the turgid England I’ve grown accustomed to over several decades now. Household names throughout the team. Playing with lots of fear, no ideas, and very much less than the sum of its parts. There was plenty on the bench to improve it, if the manager was more daring.

I’m an Englishman so I want them to do as well as possible, but strangely, after that display against America, I almost want them to fall flat on their asses now.

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Kind of think yeah it’s probably not the worst idea to play like that, concern is it’s typical Southgate and we saw how it fell flat last summer.

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Did not see the game yesterday but I can imagine what kind of game it was.

Englands results in last years EUROs group stage

1-0 win against Croatia
0-0 against Scotland
1-0 win against Czech Rep

It’s Southgates football. Play it safe. Don’t play entertaining.

Minimalistic if you’re trying to be nice/positive but imo he is really limited. Wouldn’t last a full season at any PL team.

Real shame because there is some real quality in that squad.


Spain’s results at WC10:

0-1 Switzerland
2-0 Honduras
2-1 Chile
1-0 Portugal
1-0 Paraguay
1-0 Germany
1-0 Netherlands

Not saying this England side are that Spain, who were bloody brilliant what they did in the period between 2008 and 2012. But there you go, even arguably one of the best national sides ever (in terms of dominance, consistency and playing style) won only 1 game with a 2 goals difference (and some very late winners). If you only looked at results, you could think we’re talking about Greece 04.

England got to a WC semi, Nations League (okay, lesser competition) semi, Euro final (where they stopped playing too early, still got to a few kicks away from winning it).

Overall, they’re doing a pretty good job and are doing what England failed to do for not only years, but decades. And with possibly better (more experienced in winning at club level) individuals at certain periods.

Yeah, some games have been more difficult, but it’s also a mark of a team that commands more respect (not like it isn’t usually, we see that almost everyone are motivated to play England) than before. I’d say overall it’s still been good football more often than not.

I remember much worse England sides when you speak about the need to play as a team and results at the end of the day.

Is Southgate the man who will land a big trophy? Nobody knows, he doesn’t have to do it to be a success in getting England closer in my view.

If we want to “mock” an England manager, go back and remember what they looked like under McClaren par example.


The counter argument to that is Spain didn’t go into the world cup with no wins in 6 games having been beaten by the power house of Euro football Hungry twice.

Spain had their good share of struggles before winning their first big one in 08.

Hungary are surprising other teams as well, not only England this time. It was a bad run of games, they were not alone in that. France, Germany, etc.

It’s international football, shit happens everywhere from time to time. Coaches have little time to work with their squads.

Because against any decent team or with anything on the line Southgate would rather not lose than win. It’s a weak as fuck losers mentality and won’t win anything.

He has one the best squads in world football, yet makes them look inept.


Solution for England is quite simple: quit behaving institutionally xenophobic and hire a properly good foreign manager. Yes, national team football is different to club football but no one can convince me that Klopp or Guardiola wouldn’t make the current crop of English players one of regular favourites for WC and EC titles. This is the most balanced selection they’ve had since I started watching football, imagine if they had proper guidance both on and off the pitch.


Southgate shouldn’t get a pass because he doesn’t suck as badly as McClaren who had worse players at his disposal.

Winning the big one is a matter of chance, but this team should be performing better regardless.


Eh, that hasn’t exactly worked in the past either, and very few top foreign managers want to work at international level.

Belgium gave their greatest crop of players to the man we rejected for Brendan Rodgers.

That being said, Southgate is a boring, cowardly manager. To use 6 attacking players and none of them being Foden sums it up, he doesn’t know how to use what he has at his disposal. Ben White has probably been the best English defender this season and he isn’t getting a look in either. Southgate would rather trust mediocre players than figure out a way to get the best players in the side.


He’s also a complete and utter lier. Goes on about form then picks Shaw and Maguire. He has his favourites, and they are typically boring safety first footballers… Maguire is basically picked because he might grab a goal from a corner… Which was our only offensive tactical outlet in the Euros.

Not playing Trent, Foden and White as you say is just terrible management, but you know why, he doesn’t have a clue how to use them.


They’re pretty good (or better to say talented), but not that good in my opinion.

And I think Southgate has done a lot of that already, made them work as a unit, started making more decisions on merit, got some players working well, who are struggling at clubs, etc. Is there someone better out there who would takeover? Possibly, but I think England are doing pretty well lately and some reactions are over the top.

Sure, you have finished product players/winners like Sterling and Kane, but the rest is nothing so special that we haven’t seen many times at national sides who just didn’t get to the end. A “talented generation” that never produced. Don’t we hear that all the time?

Give them a better choice in central midfield and they possibly put Croatia to bed in 2018 and go all the way. A trio of Henderson, Alli and Lingard? Let’s be real, it was good, but not that good. Euro 2021 I agree, their tactics after going 1 up were too negative too early.

It gets heavy attention because it’s England and most players play in the PL.

There are not such guarantees in football either. Capello was one example, his England team was mainly good (probably with more sense than Eriksson’s), but in the end also not quite good enough to win anything.

Some of the best coaches in the game most probably won’t go into international management because it’s exactly that, not attractive enough and not enough time to work.

What should’ve France done with someone like Deschamps after losing to Portugal at their home soil in 2016? Look at their pool of talent and look at how they play all these years under Didier. Played pretty pragmatic, defensive full backs, Blaise Matuidi as the left winger. Got them to the end. Not bad.

When it’s someone foreign, it’s not good. When it’s someone local, it’s not good either. When they play 4-4-2 with all the best individuals in the team and they think that’s it, it’s not good (although at the start it’s always either great or crap, really). When they make some unpopular decisions, try something different, it actually improves results, it’s not good again.

I don’t know what England football public expects. In this way, nobody will ever be good enough for a national team that won 1 major competition! So, only winners are “allowed”. And I’d bet that the next manager who manages that very possibly won’t be of the calibre of Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp.

This is just not true, Maguire doesn’t even start for Utd is Southgates first name on the teamsheet… Over players like White who have been great this season. He is literally the opposite of what you say, he has his favourites and doesn’t deviate from them barring injury.