Euro 2024 - Reiseziel Deutschland

With the draw being done today I thought it was time to set this up.


Oh and any German speakers want to check that it’s supposed to say “Destination Germany”. I know Germany is correct but I’m going off my Duolingo learning for the other.

I’m assuming that means I’ve sod all chance of seeing the first Scotland game. I think the others are in Stuttgart and Köln so I’ll see what I can get. Köln is only 2 hours drive for me.

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Full draw, for anyone who missed it:

Group A: Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland

Group B: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania

Group C: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England

Group D: Play-off winners A, Netherlands, Austria, France

Group E: Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Play-off winners B

Group F: Turkey, Play-off winners C, Portugal, Czech Republic

Play-off winners A: Poland, Estonia, Wales or Finland

Play-off winners B: Israel, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine or Iceland

Play-off winners C: Georgia, Greece, Kazakhstan or Luxembourg

The playoffs will take place in March.


i can see a few of the German LFC fans on here not talking to you and i after the opening match! :wink:

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A and B seem tasty.

D could be interesting, always seem Belgium and England get easier groups.

Our group is almost the same as in Euro 2012. Both Spain and Italy then went on to reach the final, it turned out to be a very tough group to qualify from. Hopefully this time we can qualify. If we get a few players back fit and perform better than at Euro 2020 (2021), I believe we can do it. Italy are a mistery though, they’re European champions on paper, but some very up and down stuff lately. For us, it’s time to try and translate that recent World Cup form into Euro. Being played in Germany, we’ll have great support.

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‘Ziel’ can mean goal/target/objective or destination, which sometimes causes confusion when German speakers try to translate it into English. Adding ‘Reise’ helps to clarify which type of ‘Ziel’ you are talking about.

However, the subject here appears to be international football, which is ‘Scheisse’, so forget all that.

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Did you mean Schieße or did I miss the joke?

My lad was successful in the ticket ballot.
Him and a few mates have booked everything for a week in Munich next June.
He got details of his ballot success yesterday.
Engerlund v Croatia :joy:

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OK, I did miss the joke then.

That’s Shoot isn’t it?

It means going to… like travelling to Germany as the tournament is there.

Schiessen is shoot

Scheisse is shit

Be careful where you shoot your shit

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Nethier is relevant for this. But thank you in advance of my trip to Germany next year :joy:

Scheisse is extremely relevant when describing international football (my original point).

It also happens to be the most useful word in the German language.

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But they aren’t shooting to Germany, they are travelling to Germany.

I didn’t say anything about shooting ffs!

RW brought that up for some unknown reason.

My point is that international football is SHIT!

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That would make the title Germany shit though