Euro Prediction League

Hi guys, as popularly requested by * checks notes * one person, here’s a link to a prediction league set up for this summer’s tournament:

Code for entry is 8GJEK7EPHW

Have fun!


I’ve made the login, but can’t find the Euro predictor, mate. All I can find when I click the Predictor button is: come back in September. :laughing:

Never mind, mate, I’ve found it out, and am in. :+1:t2:

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Little bump seeing as the tournament starts in a little under 36 hours.

Just three entrants so far.

Took about 30 seconds to get through all games, lot of thought went in to that :joy:

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My thought process didn’t extend much beyond “Wales are shit, Macedonia are worse…”

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Do we have to predict all games before the tournament or can we wait till match week one is done to start two?

I wouldn’t like to say for sure, but currently you can only predict the group games, I assume the knockout rounds open up as the tournament progresses

that’s pretty fun.

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Someone please walk me through it.

  1. Where do I put the entry code?
  2. Do I have to create an account?
  3. What’s that UEFA account?

Yes, you have to first make an account with the site. From there navigate to the Games page, and select the prediction game (I’ve also set up a Euros fantasy football league you can use with the same account if you like). When you’re there I think you have to first do your predictions, and then choose join a league, which will ask for the code.

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Im in. Looks like Im guaranteeing myself a Champions League place at least.


If you click on the full league there’s a dozen of us now!

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UEFA Conference league here I come



With my track record in these things I’ll be lucky not to beat Sheffield United through the trapdoor…

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Some of the players are using different names.

Razvan Gheghe
Tin. Kers

So what do we do in the league? Nothing I suppose :smiley: . The points from our match predictions will tally here, right?

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They should do, yes. All we really have to do is log on for each knockout stage and enter predictions for those

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Quick PSA guys, only found out tonight that on the same page you’re able to pick first team and players to score, for additional prediction points.

You can still go in and edit the rest of your R1 predictions if you didn’t do that initially.

I am Tin. Kers, I logged in with Google.

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Unlike the rest of us, who are all Wan. Kers