European U21's Championship 2023

A thread where we can discuss this, as I imagine there will be some interest, updates, clips of goals and stuff by players who we’re linked with. Or a few of our current players!

Group A: Georgia, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands
Group B: Romania, Spain, Ukraine, Croatia
Group C: Czech Republic, England, Germany, Israel
Group D: Norway, Switzerland, France, Italy

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Looking forward to this for the first time ever.

Don’t we want them to have terrible tournaments, keep the good stuff for Anfield lads :wink:

Anyhow first games the Dutch.

@Dutch gave me a sneak peek at their lineup:


Crap, Useless, Slow, Thick


Lazy, Shite, Selfish



I think they’ve gone with 3 at the back :joy:

@Arminius free streaming of these games in Canada :wink:

That is Gravenberch his middle name …

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Shame Stefan is injured.

Who are our players involved?

Just Jones, Elliott and Thuram


Any idea why Carvalho isn’t part of the Portuguese squad?

Not sure if Bajcetic would’ve been involved even if he was fit.

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He announced earlier this season he didnt want to play for them anymore. Normally a player will only make a decision like that if it’s to take up an offer from a different country, but there was no England U21 invite waiting for him. So this was unexpected, not remotely explained and not done with very much professionalism that it prompted much speculation about whether there was something going on his personal life that might also explain why he disappeared from view with liverpool.

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Yeah, I remember that. I thought he wanted to picked for the senior squad. Bad decision.

Also just realized Jaros will be in goal for the Czechs


Don’t know many of the players in the German squad but there is one standout because he is 23 but looks like 46.


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Yeah, their first choice GK got injured so now he’s starting.

Put the CR v Eng match, settled down to eat and Anthony Gordon appears :slightly_frowning_face:

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Germany captain Yann Aurel Bisseck. Never heard of him tbh but what a tank he is with 1,96m.

CB playing for danish side Aarhus and many clubs are after him.


England won, good game from Jones, very mature.

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