Ex-player: Divock ORIGI

First Name: Divock
Surname: Origi
Squad Number: 27
Position: Striker
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 80kg
D.O.B.: 18.04.1995.
Town of Birth: Ostend
Country of Birth: Belgium
Nationality: Belgian

I think he will be really useful in games using 4231.

Maybe Klopp knows he can’t get a new attacker this season. So he is trying a system that will bring the best out of Origi.

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He’s a bit of a conundrum to me. Big, strong, fast, terrific shot on him. But it is not quite good enough from wide, and to play him centrally, is he better than what we already have? Nope.

If we change it up and go 4-2–3-1 on occasion, hopefully he shines a bit more.

As things stand he’s in between. Not quite showing enough, not quite good enough, but still a nagging sense that there’s more to come from him, but then again, how long have we been saying that?

Div out and Sarr in, and move on. But if business is hard to do at present, we will hang on, but it’s all a little unsatisfactory as I still remember when Klopp said he would have a lot of fun with this player.

There are not many players out there who are better than what we have.
And no matter how many off days mane, salah and bobby have, they are first on the teamsheet

Im not having a go here, but why does that matter? Even if our front 3 is that good, it doesnt change the fact that you always need quality players off the bench to help when your running out of ideas or the front 3 is not sharp enough.

I dont see this as a difficult to grasp concept, for some reason we seem to think that just because the front 3 are so good, we dont need good players off our bench. Origi is ok, but he works only in short spurts or a run of games at a time. Long term he is not the answer, especially when it comes to playing Firminos role.

The time is coming soon for Origi to move on and then for the club to decide who we want to replace him off the bench.

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I think you’ll struggle to find anyone who disagrees that we could really do with an injection of quality to back up the front three.

The thing that I find most frustrating is the refusal to understand that this is really hard.


I’m old enough to remember when it wasn’t just hard but near impossible to get a decent seeming, pure, LB to come in purely as cover due to having possibly the best LB in the world. Up top Salah will miss games and can be rested more than he is with Mane covering, Mane can also compete with Minamino to cover Firmino who can be rested more than he is. Those games Mane isn’t playing LF added to games Mane misses and Mane getting rested more adds up to some significant playing time as a starter and then that player would probably come off the bench in every other game they were available for. I’ve never believed it’s as much of an issue as is made out. If Origi was better as a tactical fit he’d easily play twice as much as he does. The other players wouldn’t miss enough to start getting stroppy either. Compare the situation with our attack to our midfield and it’s night and day on questions of rotation and players kept fit and fresh. The longer this goes on our front 3 are getting less effective and looking more and more burned out. With a 4th decent attacker it opens up switching to a front 4 more to really blow opponents away too with Firmino behind Salah, Mane right and new guy left.

When we talk about the front three, we’re really talking about Mane and Salah. We don’t need to worry about cover for Firmino. We have Minamino.

But I do think you underestimate Mane and Salah’s willingness to accept being rested. If they are fit (and they usually are) they play. We’re talking about two of probably the best five forwards in the world.

I appreciate the point about them burning out, but they have both just had the longest rest either will have had in their professional career. I don’t think it’s a concern yet.

The concern is if one of them gets knacked by someone, but as Klopp has said, you can’t buy players on this basis.

We can already play a 4231 and we have loads of players who would thrive in that formation. It opens the door to Jones and Elliot, in particular.

My preference would be that we buy a pure wide cover player for Mane and Salah. But if not there is loads that can be done. If either of them need a rest, my guess would be that we shift to a 4231 and bring any of Jones, Elliot, Shaqiri, Ox, Keita, or Minamino into the three advanced midfielders.

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Personally I think we should play him more especially against the lesser sides and in his natural position.

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Divock Origi is contracted till June 2024 :flushed:.

That’s nearly another four years.

I guess he’s on decent wages so the club is happy with the bit part roles he plays and not too eager to sell him. What surprises me is the fact that, Origi himself apparently isn’t bothered about the situation.

Yeah, we have him a 5-year deal last summer. And to Matip, too. And a 6-year deal to Karius when he signed, so he’s also got 2 years left.


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I don’t mind Divock’s deal. We signed him for what, 10M? and while he never quite progressed as hoped for, he has his uses. If we keep him, fine… if we sell him, fine, we obviously have someone else in mind at that point.

If it ends up being BOTH Divock and Brewster leaving this summer, and say Sarr brought in, is that enough?

The end is near for Big Div

And finally.

What, has someone submitted a bid for him?!

The way he stayed out on the pitch after the Chelsea game last season when everyone else had gone back inside to celebrate was a very clear signal there was an understanding he was likely going to leave. It was just a case of making sure we brought in our replacements.

With the massive caveat that new guys have to deliver, options of Mini, Jota and Jones instead of Origi, Shaq and Lallana seems a pretty great retooling.


I will miss you Divock Origi :pensive:

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Was it comoli who negotiated the contract?

Apparently going to ask to be sold if he doesn’t start tonight. He wasn’t happy being a squad option in the past (although we weren’t achieving as much then) and had managed to play himself into 4th choice when we offered him a contract. He’s now probably behind Jota and Minamino at least and possibly even Ox, Jones, Elliott and Shaqiri are ahead of him in some of the attacking roles. Think he needs to realise he needs to move on to be fair.

His and the future of others (Grujic, Wilson, Shaqiri, Brewster) at the club will be much clearer after seeing the lineup for tonight.

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