Ex-player: Fabio "FABINHO" TAVARES

First Name: Fabio
Surname: Tavares
Squad Number: 3
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 78kg
D.O.B.: 23.10.1993.
Town of Birth: Campinas
Country of Birth: Brazil
Nationality: Brazilian

Liverpool Legend

Isn’t it a bit early for these threads? You generally do it just before the season starts.

Also a bit late if he’s doing a medical in Saudi.

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Medical today so fingers crossed everything goes ok and he can get his wish and leave.

Pre-season started, I’d say it’s better to do it earlier to keep the conversation where we will discuss also next season’s performances (although not Fabinho’s!).

Fixed it for you :grin:

Delete this thread also.

5th highest sale in our club’s history.

When you take everything into account, brilliant stuff. Although it’s very much “thanks” to Saudi.

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At the start of the summer I’d thought I’d have happily taken £25m for Fab, and thought even that was asking too much.

But, even more so than the money, I’m pleased it removes the temptation for Klopp to have played him this coming season!


Is it official he is gone?

Yep. Annouced last night

Thought that with the new midfielders around him he would still have been effective, but probably the right time to let him go too. Was one of the worlds best between 19-21, won it all, and leaves with his name in the history books.

At his best he was an important cog in a well-oiled machine.

At his worst he was an absolute liability. His final season was among the most embarrassingly bad on-field seasons of any Liverpool player in living memory. I’m including Rickie “Just finished a shift at the fish factory” Lambert in there. No pace, no effort, no talent, no drive, no desire, no fight. Just existing. He showed absolutely nothing for 12 months and was the key contributor to our poor season. No, he didn’t improve when Trent moved into midfield, he simply had his job done for him by a significantly better player while he remained a ghost.

He always had big flaws in his game - namely his lack of awareness to anything that wasn’t directly ahead of him and a complete lack of recovery pace - but was otherwise a solid defensive midfielder who was well complimented by the other players around him.

I think Fabinho is an example of Klopp’s talent as a manager. He identified the skills he has and fit him into a midfield that would hide his deficiencies. Getting the most from limited players was the kind of thing that Bill Belichick has been so successful with in the NFL, or Alex Ferguson used to do for Man Utd.

Once the system started the breakdown and Fabinho was asked to do a little bit more he was clearly so hopelessly lost. Those weaknesses really came to the forefront and the things he did well disappeared. Not only that but he, to me at least, appeared to stop trying. I can think of a number of goals last season where he was in position to block a shot and just watched on.

Congratulations to Fabinho on the trophies he won here, he was undoubtedly an important part of those seasons, but I’m excited that he’s gone. His style is very old-fashioned and was clearly the anti-thesis of the way football is going with a focus on more technical and quick players across the pitch. With his departure we can hopefully invest in a more talented, faster and hungrier player.


He smiled and put his hands up when he hacked opponents down. Can’t think of anything else.

Gone and now forgotten, at least by me. Found his level at last I suppose.

I liked him when he smiled. His fouls weren’t malicious , just became slow especially the last season and a bit.

I wouldn’t be as harsh as the others. I do think people are allowed to have one poor season in the hopes that they can have a resurgence later.

But 40m which is approximately what we paid for him is too good a price to refuse even if its the detestable Saudi clubs


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@Sweeting is spot on above. I know not many agree, but that’s the way I see it too. Think we’ve said the same thing since at least the start of 2020.

He was an excellent player at times, very poor at others. Had spells of terrible form in every season he was here, though there was always an excuse (just joined, just back from injury, out of position, tired, team shape not right etc).

A player made to look better by his teammates, probably no other #6 in a top side has ever had as much cover and support as he has. But still, some great moments too. The goals against City and Villareal, the performance against Barca after the early yellow, the penalty against Chelsea.

Overrated, but a fine player nevertheless. Definitely the right time to sell and I imagine the club can’t believe their luck getting so much money for him.


Some proper re-writing of history going on in this thread.


Second most important midfielder of the Klopp era behind Wijnaldum.

For one or two years he was the best player in his position worldwide.

First LFC midfielder I can say that about since Stevie.


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