Ex-player: James MILNER

I don’t think he is forgotten, though it’s not surprising if Bobby gets a bit more attention than others. They will all get it, the whole positive atmosphere will be spread to all of them. We rarely have 4 or more than 1 player saying goodbye like this.


What so funny?

The fact that a promising player could not make it here because of injuries or the fact that the club invested millions in fee and wages? Or maybe the fact that the manager relied on him for too long which is one of the reasons why it’s likely we will miss out on CL next season?

The rest of the guys got real glowing, positive comments. And then… :grimacing:

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“Bobby: Legend. Milly: Legend. Ox: Really good guy. Naby: He was here too.”

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‘There’s only one James Milner’ ringing out yesterday. I can’t remember ever hearing his name being sung at Anfield before. He was always going to be slightly over-shadowed by Bobby but he still got a fantastic send-off. We all know a Liverpool legend when we see one.


“I’ve loved every minute here,” he told Liverpoolfc.com. "Unbelievable club, the size of the club, the history before you come in, and we’ve managed to create our own history.

"Travelling around the world, seeing the support we have, the special nights we’ve had here, the European nights, the unbelievable games, obviously Dortmund and Barça always stand out but other periods in games. Those memories will stay with you forever.

"I’m Leeds through and through and always have been and always will be – but I never probably thought that another club would get into me as much as Liverpool has.

"That says everything about the place and the fans and the history and what we’ve created here, but also the group of people.

"I’ve been lucky enough to share that dressing room and the people at the training ground and the people that have been here so long – that’s what football clubs are about.

"I’ve been lucky enough to play here for eight years and ultimately the club belongs to the fans. I’ve been lucky enough to wear the No.7 shirt and [it] probably won’t be seen in the full-back positions again maybe! But hopefully I’ve filled the shirt with everything that a Liverpool player should.

“It’s going to be sad to leave and [leave] the people but I’m looking forward to the challenge. I’m fortunate now that we’ve managed to achieve what we have and pretty much what you wanted to achieve when you come here. That doesn’t happen too often, does it?”

My favourite player alongside Bobby leaves the club. What a sad moment. All the best, Millie, what a player you’ve been for us, and what a coup it was at the time to bring you in from the Abu Dhabi cheaters. Thank you for everything and all the best for your remaining player career!

Oh, and don’t forget to come back when you start your coaching career!


So Millie the cheerleader, team challenge expert and team leader is leaving…we’ll have to buck our ideas up at 70mins each game…we’ve no stalwart ‘take it to the corner’ man now…


If we do the right business in the summer, I would expect Hendo will “take over” the Milner role.


Conversely we also won’t have anyone to come on at 85 minutes and immediately concede two free kicks on the edge of our own box.

Reminds me of when Wenger brought back Keown to help coach his defence. Players got upset in training because he spent most of the time just kicking the crap out of their shins :rofl:

Hashtag Old School

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Was it Kolo who is reported to have taken out Wenger with a wild sliding tackle during a training session?

Yes, I think so :rofl:

Was really trying to convey his football ethic, energy.

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It was the reason Wenger signed him I think… he liked his passion.



Penalty record for us:

19 scored, 2 missed.


Thanks mate. Looking at his goal compilation, I wonder how many penalties Millie missed during his time with us. It must be a very small number.

Edit: ah, cheers! :+1:

I totally forgot that he scored field-goals too.