Ex-player: Jordan HENDERSON

First Name: Jordan
Surname: Henderson
Squad Number: 14
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.82m
Weight: 67kg
D.O.B.: 17.06.1990.
Town of Birth: Sunderland
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English


Had a shit 22/23 season but wanted to finish his LFC career in style so he returned to preseason in the best shape of his life.

Unfortunately an irrelevant club from irrelevant league offered him stupid money and he decided that’s it would be ok to turn on his club and the values he represented as club captain.

LFC didn’t want to let him leave on a free. Hendo was visibly unhappy. The move failed through and the story was a bit of a distraction throughout preseason.

…all the rest is conjecture


Did any of this actually happen though?

You slag Hendo and call Fab a legend you aint a clue

Who said Hendo is not a legend?

You see that profile picture? I’m using that one since the days on TIA. Always defended him when people wanted to get rid.

Looks like the deal is likely to be done soon. Sad to see the skipper leave, but can’t begrudge him the chance of a payday deal if some of the wage rumors are close to accurate.

I can begrudge him a bit. It’s not as if he’s skint now is it?

I’ve lost a bit of respect for him to be honest.

I suppose the midfield succession plan has gone to pop.


Hendo is what he is. He was never top drawer at any particular thing, but he was a servant of the club for over a decade and he always did what was asked of him. His leadership and work ethic were much needed when Klopp came in, and those qualities helped us win everything during the last 5 years.

I’m a little disappointed in the hypocrisy, but people in glasses houses etc. etc.

Hope he does well and makes his money then enjoys his retirement. Definitely a Liverpool Legend, if only for boiling the piss of united fans who roundly mocked him for years, only to be left wondering how we won a PL and CL with Henderson in midfield. The cunts.


Thanks Jordan, was at times a great player and captained us to a league title that at times seemed impossible.

Just like Fabinho, though, no respect at all for him as a person.

Dont forget your rainbow laces.
Greedy hypocrite



Also true!

Fuck it

Delete this thread.

He’s not gone yet :grinning:

He’s going in instalments.

His legs went first…


Fabinho must be also, he would be even slower.

Does anyone think he may actually end up staying? And if so, is there a way back? I wondered about this earlier in the whole saga, and sort of assumed that if the deal fell through, he would stay and carry on as captain.

But then we had the friendly, and he didn’t feature, and then there was news of 12M+ add ons being agreed between the clubs. An exit seemed imminent.


If Henderson has agreed terms (and that’s what we were led to believe early on) and the clubs have now agreed terms, what is the delay?

Is he having second thoughts because of what this is doing to his reputation, having seen the reaction?

Yeah, he’s been on here and seen the reaction of the experts.
700 grand not looking so tempting now!

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Feels like too much water has gone under that bridge now, and this whole Saudi deal has really disappointed too large a proportion of the fanbase for a U-turn to work.

If he were to stay, he’d need to put in one heck of an interview/explanation to win people back - maybe even a Steve Smith tear thrown in there.

From what we read (and we don’t really know the ins and outs) he is keen to still be a regular starter, rather than take up that Milner role in the squad. If that’s what he wants, and he’s having second thoughts about Saudi, I’m sure there are plenty of clubs that would take him. Heck, he could even go back to Sunderland.

I know one thing we spend a lot of time discussing is money/fees, but if Hendo has cacked his pants about the move to Saudi, I’d not be bothered if we move him on for a smaller fee than the £12.5m agreed. Old father time is catching up with him - taking aside the off the pitch positive impact he has, on the pitch, he’s not at the standard anymore. If his moving on frees up his substantive wages, and allows the club to bring someone in, its the right thing to do.

Its not the way I thought his time would (may) come to an end at the club - shame really. But he’s the captain that lifted all the silverware, and his contribution both on and off the pitch has been exceptional, which is all we want from Liverpool players.