Ex-player: Neco WILLIAMS

First Name: Neco
Surname: Williams
Squad number: 76
Position: Defender
Height: 1.70m
Weight: 60kg
D.O.B.: 13.04.2001.
Town of Birth: Wrexham
Country of Birth: Wales
Nationality: Welsh

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Just scored a 94-minute winner for Wales against Bulgaria!



Did well to attack the far post there and get in front of his opponent, good stuff.

Ex-winger habits!

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Looks like he is may be ready for a breakout season (but will he get the opportunities)?

Imagine if Neco becomes the next Trent, and Trent moves into midfield and becomes the new Stevie/Xabi hybrid :astonished:

I don’t want a next trent as the current one should fill the role for as long as we play as we do.
That said TAA really does have that young stevie G quality where he could play anywhere.

Well if he becomes the next Trent, the assumption is he’ll be that good. So shouldn’t be a problem for our FB position which will be covered as now. This IMO would be good for Trent as well. The next challenge for him instead of trying a different team could be trying out different positions staying here itself, and he could actually be equally good and effective from the midfield… win win for all!

I don’t see him as the next Trent at all, for a start I’m sure he’d want to be his own man. But Trent is a playmaker with ridiculous playmaking output that just so happens to play at right back and perform those duties at the same time. He’s absolutely outstanding and a very rare type of player, let alone how rare that is to be that type but at that level. Neco is great but so far he’s seeming to be just a real good wing back prospect. A bit more defensively savvy than traditional but definitely more of an attacker at full back than a playmaker type. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing and Neco can maybe learner more ball creativity as he gets older and develops so when they’re both older there may be less to differentiate them. But for now at least they are different types of players who play the same role with the same tactical instructions but in different ways due to their natural abilities. I could see Neco getting a few games as a winger if we are short more than Trent playing in midfield. For one thing most of Trents really spectacular pinpoint long/cross field balls would go out of play and/or be lost if he was in midfield doing them. One of his biggest strengths is most definitely his long range, quick, accurate, distribution.

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Surely he just wouldn’t kick the ball quite so hard? :joy:

More seriously, Henderson (whose RCM position I could most see Trent moving into) has a good switch of play in him as well, I don’t think it would be a problem at all.

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Neco, please don’t follow in Ben Woodburn’s footsteps (poor lad) and disappear after scoring an important debut goal for Wales…


…and Stevie and Xabi become the next Jürgen und Pepijn…

That just had me :drooling_face:

Haha get what you mean but that’s why I said lost too. Those quick, accurate, cross field balls that travel 2/3rds or 3/4s of the pitch just aren’t the same when going half or less the difference, that’s something many players can do. It’s no longer a special weapon in our arsenal and as Neco, currently, can’t do it we would lose that completely. We could just have two fantastic RBs, both home grown, the back up one able to play the occasional game further forward.

Nothing needs to change for now and for the coming future. Klopp also mentioned it between the lines, speaking of Neco, saying how this will probably be Trent’s position for a long time. Doesn’t mean something else isn’t possible. Neco’s just started, too. He’s a nice story of a player who obviously put a lot of work in and earned his spot. Could bring us a few bobs down the line if he keeps improving and comes to a point where he wants to be a starter. But we’ll see when/if we get there.


Has blacked profile out his twitter after the abuse he received after the game tonight. Disgraceful from some so called ‘reds’ not the first time this has happened to one of our own


Sad that he feels the need to do it when it’s our own fans abusing him.
19 year old living the dream at Liverpool and some sad bastards are spoiling it for him :rage:

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what was the abuse for?

not seen anything on there abusive, so wondering if twitter have taken it down

Got slaughtered tonight reportedly for his performance. Personally I didn’t see the game so can’t really say if they are correct, still think it’s harsh to do that to a 19 year old. But twitter has taken a few comments down or Neco himself. As you can see he has made his profile picture all black. Few Liverpool twitter pages giving out about the abuse he received.