Fabio CARVALHO: 2022/23

First Name: Fabio
Surname: Carvalho
Squad Number: 28
Position: Forward
Height: 1.70m
Weight: 64kg
D.O.B.: 30.08.2002.
Town of Birth: Lisbon
Country of Birth: Portugal
Nationality: Portuguese

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Was 2 months old when Milner made his PL debut.


Looking very good. Definitely in line with the potential of Curtis and Elliot. Should see a fair bit of game minutes this season.

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Isn’t he great?

Loved how he took his goal and his feistiness. Could he be a long term Bobby replacement?


Was a lovely strike. And my favourite of the goals

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It speaks alot for a 20 year old to come into the first team picture immediately and he has shown not just with his goal but his overall play that he wants more and will work hard for it. Excited to see his development over the next 2 seasons.

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Seems a really nice lad to boot.

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We should send this guy out on loan.

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Carvy = GOAT.

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This boy’s technique is on a different level. What a player.


Love this lad already.


We upgraded Origi…

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Stay humble, continue to learn, stay injury free and in a season or two, he will be world class or thereabouts

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There was a moment not long after coming on where he received the ball around the center circle facing the right side of the pitch. There were plenty of balls to play the way he was facing, but in one movement he took the ball down, spun clockwise and with a second touch pinged a ball out of the left to someone in acres of space. The pass itself was not difficult, but the fluidity of the touch and turn, and the poise and balls to see and then take the other option than the one right in front of you…this is what earmarks a kid of this age as a potential star.


If by design or by skill he struck that perfectly where else could you put it to guarantee it went in? He hits it well I’ve noticed. His strike on Saturday was my favourite of the goals for the build up but also for how well he struck it.

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Maybe I don’t watch enough football but I found it funny afterwards that two goals in the same match had been scored by striking the ball into the roof of the net - this is quite rare even for one goal.

I’m happy that Carvalho scored because he had two really close shaves against Fulham and Crystal Palace that could have been really late winners - both struck almost perfectly but sailed just wide of the goal.


I’d say it was a bit rare I suppose you’d rather keep it low like Firmino’s goal but it goal mouth scrambles you need to find a space. Lucky perhaps but you make your own luck sometimes