Fernando Torres - Time to Forgive? New Amazon Documentary

I’ve just been watching the fantastic new Amazon documentary on Torres.

I, like many of us, was very upset about the manner in which Torres left us. I remember my then 8 year old son asking me to help him take down all his Torres posters from his wall. I felt uneasy doing this, Torres had been his hero, his favourite player of all time, but I understood. We felt betrayed.

After watching the documentary my perspective has changed. I understand now, I am ready to forgive.

He really was such a great great player.



Always loved Torres,just annoyed his shit twin joined the dirty chavs.


I’m well over him leaving appreciate what he did as a player.And as far as i know he’s not talked sit about the team unlike some of the ex red tv pundits. looking forward to seeing him turnout for the legends team.


Great player who happened to arrive at a truly unfortunate time. He left in despair, I don’t even think there is anything to forgive.


Couldn’t agree more. I started supporting in early 2007 — between then and 2019 all we won was a single League Cup — and it still boggles the mind that our team with Torres (particularly in 07-08 and 08-09) didn’t win a trophy, because those were quality sides. I guess they just happened to run into sides that were even better. Disappointing how he left, but I get it, and still a bit nice to know that his best years with us, I guess.


Is that the documentary in Spanish with English dubbing? I could only make it about 20 minutes in, the voices they’ve chosen for everyone they interview are really bad, ranging from off-putting to just bizarre. Some of the English regional accents are just strange choices. A shame.

As for Torres, any resentment I had for him dried up when it became clear how much of a shadow of his former self he’d become at Chelsea, and I mainly felt sorry for him. It’s been pretty plain down the years since the regard and affection he has for Liverpool, and I’m happy to look back on his time with us with fondness.


aren’t there subtitiles?! I never listen to dubbed TV - awful awful awful.

On Torres, it hurt a lot at the time, however its pretty clear that he was past his best too. Oh well, no point carrying him around in a backpack of hurt.


I think you would have to mute it as the dub seemed integral (I didn’t select it), but I might go back and check.

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I guess it was a kind of dubbing but to be honest I didn’t really notice, it felt more like a narrator rather than dubbing … although I am currently watching it again and now you have highlighted it, it seems more annoying!

This is the one, to just check we are talking about the same documentary

That’s the one.

Although having checked after what @rupzzz said, you actually can have it in Spanish with English subtitles, so I’ll give that a go instead!


Havent watched the documentary, so i will reserve my judgement for now until i have seen it. But for now, still not forgiven by me.

Doesn’t seem to be available in my market.

He said he “never kissed [the LFC] badge”. True, technically, but the implication is that he never expressed any love or loyalty towards the club (which is not true), as if that justified joining a club whose supporters despised him.

I have no time for this boy. Agger didn’t put enough in that elbow.

No more hard feelings. Still love watching back the videos of his goals here! Was pissed off but realised this is what football is these days.

El nino brought joy and smile to my face in his time here :blush:

Had posted this on TIA, below has always been my favorite Torres video!


Didn’t do anything which needed to be forgived in my book.


Peak Torres was something else. Phenomenal player. Despite not being at the peak as a club we’ve been privileged to have the best forwards in the league play for us in the last 13 years. Torres, Suarez, Sturridge, Mané, Salah. At their peaks those players are better than any other forward from any other club during this period with the possible exception of Aguero.


Hand on heart, I was absolutely shattered when he left. My first Liverpool man-crush.

There will always be players you want different endings for, and for me he was one of those.

That is all, no hard feelings from me.


I still catch myself humming the Torres chant from time to time.



Very disappointed when he left but has always brought a smile to my face when looking back on his time with us.Feel privilaged to have seen him play at Anfield at his best.Devastating on his day.Nothing to forgive,more sadness for him that it ended the way it did.


The club treated him far worse than he did the club. The team was in a free fall thanks to the two cowboys, Purslow kept making him empty promises while all the while we were ruining him by rushing him back from knee injuries.

By the time he did get his move, he was a shadow of his former self. We didn’t know it at the time but his 50 mil. transfer was daylight robbery.

He deserved a far better ending.