FIFA - All that’s wrong with football

Hopefully the hosts don’t discriminate against them.

I just think it’s better these players are with their clubs.


maybe from a form of consistency of message etc etc, but can you at least see the benefits of being chosen to compete in an event like that at that age?

imagine the depth of experience gained from playing against the worlds best of your age, instead of the region of your country?

if we cant cancel underage world cups, (which i would be against), then the sensible thing would be to hold it every year, finances permitting, so that every agegroup gets a chance at it.

At that age the quality of even the best club football at the U17 level is way too patchy to fully develop the best talents.

A corny but pretty good series on the rise of Saudi influence in football

Saudi getting the world cup got so little coverage compared to the outrage over the Qatar decisions that I missed lots of the details they spoke about it in this.

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Ancelotti says Real wont play in the new Club World Cup and claims he’s been told this is the position of several other clubs as well.


I have the feeling that it will come down to money. If FIFA stump up enough the owners will fold.

I would like to see the likes of Real taking a stand, though.

Yeah, saying they arent paying them enough to show up is not the argument I’d hoped someone would use, but it’s at least a start


That didn’t even go anywhere.


Don’t think Carlo will still be in charge anyway.