First 7 days of TAN - In numbers

Just want to thank the community for transferring over from TIA. The transition has surpassed our expectations :grin:

We have seen lots of posters and many we have not seen on TIA for a while.

Dont take my word for it, here are the numbers:

New Posters - 250 - With a further 44 Invitations sent out today
Posts 3168

Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 09.19.55

User visits: 1,100
"Likes": 5800
Page views :135,000

Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 09.18.44

We have likely surpassed a critical mass and hopefully, we can maintain some of this great momentum. Hats off to all those involved and the patience of everyone coming over from TIA.

Once we are happy we will open the forum to the general public and hopefully it will grow more!


Thanks to all the mods for their hard work during the transition, in particular @ISMF1 who has done so much on the technical side and handled all our stupid questions with patience and clarity.

Onwards and upwards!


Really has been a team effort by all involved (@Arminius,, @ubermick , @ZinedineBiscan, @Nikola and @Mascot)

We have also got quite a lot of help from the community. From GDPR compliance to advice with skins.

We have all been learning along the way!


Well done all, a nice new home!


Thank you to all involved, and the patience and hard work not just in creating the forum, but seamless transition and help all across.


You’ve done a fabulous job here guys, well done one and all, so happy to be part of this.


Will TAN, or our successful league defence and seventh CL win, be the best thing to happen in 20/21??



If TAN is the highlight of the season something has gone very very wrong :rofl:


TAN and highlights?

Suddenly starting to sound very TOWIE… :rofl:


As a forum site TAN feels just right… Young and older members ooze a good blend of knowledge, humour and passion for everything that is LFC.
Well done to everyone involved for the good, even hard work in getting us to this stage.


sarcasm will get you no where…

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It can help you spell nowhere though?


Why do I feel like everyone is calling to me?
Oh yes, my family name happens to be TAN. :heart_eyes: :grinning:

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has the first ban happened?

Nope there has been no bans :slight_smile:

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Damn !!!:unamused::unamused::unamused:

Nah not at all… Credit where it is due…

There will be some people behind the site that have worked hard to get it to this stage…

I think there are regular posters on here that bring both familiarity and a community spirit to the topics discussed… Simply take a look at Livvy and the amount of videos put forward as an example to dedication… Others also… What more could we ask for from such a site as this…!

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The 300th invitation just registered.


It looks like the move has been hugely successful to me.

Vast majority of regular posters are contributing. Some lurkers getting involved. Lesser spotted old TIAers back in the mix.

Lots of great discussion so far. The move over could have gone the other way and the community fizzled out, but TAN looks to have started as well as the Reds. Well done again to all the mods :+1:t2:


337 already here and a couple more looking for invite.
I never realised how many was on the TIA forum, probably didn’t spend enough time on there.
Well done to the mods and all our family.