Football streamers Jailed / Big Greedy Sky

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I believe it’s called shooting themselves in the foot (for the premier league).

It’s ironic that folks in UK have to shell out an incredible per month to watch matches.

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This is the operators of the streaming system rather than the users.

However the fact that the market for these exist at all is down to the Premier League policy of not having an option for fans in the UK to stream 3pm matches legally.

I have very limited sympathy for an organisation losing out to a black market that they essentially created.


The 3pm matches are legally available via streaming on other countries. Boggles the mind this.


People in Los Angeles can watch these games easier than people in Liverpool.

The Premier League only have themselves to blame.


Hotstar is included with my ISP package.

I quit Sky years ago, highway robbery. My biggest gripe was them wanting extra money on top of the high fees if you wanted the “HD” version of the channels.

I now have other means to watch sports (and a hell of a lot more than Sky offer), but if this ended tomorrow, I’d go back to Ceefax rather than pay the outrageous costs of multiple subscriptions.

Never understand why Sky and the like don’t offer their package much cheaper. I mean, if you could get it legally for £10 a month… you’d likely have 50-75% of the streamers signing up.


Yes, I watch them on a Sky subscription in Germany and then see UK based fans in the match thread struggling to find illegal streams.

If they were available legally there would still be some demand for pirate streams due to the costs but a legal stream is a far superior product in terms of reliability and quality.

The worst affected fans tend to be those who support the less fashionable sides as there can be as little as 25% of matches streamed. Those fans still have to pay the same subscription charges as for the teams that are featured every week.

Not as if this is gonna reduce illegal streams. People can easily broadcast and get money from other countries where the laws aren’t that tight.

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I think I currently pay €15/month for Sky Deutschland. DAZN show the European and cup matches and are now much more expensive €30/month) as a result, I cancel it as soon as we don’t have any matches coming up.

The problem is it is not just 3pm games. Almost every match thread will always feature a number of ‘Any streams’ posts. And it seems to be common on almost every teams various forums.

My personal opinion is that a number of fans refuse to pay Sky/BT subscription fees because they are too expensive/too tight or because they don’t want to watch the games on offer, as they are of no interest. I think it is time that the option for club specific supscriptions should be offered.

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I think there has to be a rule now to remove posts asking for those. Not that I don’t have sympathy , but we just don’t know how the PL will crack down on even someone forwarding free streaming links.

I have not subscribed to any official broadcaster in probably a decade. But its easy to lay all the blame to just broadcasters are greedy. There is a whole huge value chain that are greed in every level and its finally the consumers who will have to pay the price. Fans want better quality football, clubs fight for better players, they bid more for players, they pay more salaries, they increase ticket prices, they look for more sponsors, they squeeze the broadcasters for selling the rights, and a whole lot more in the value chain that caused this whole lot of grief. They were asking us to pay $120 SGD for the world cup last year and that is simply ridiculous.


Five operators got 30 years between them - so on avg six years each.

Adam Johnson got six years for his grooming of an underage girl.

Fucked is what the system is.

Count your blessings that you don’t have to watch SonyLiv (streams European and FA cup in India.

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Johnson got only 3.

Maybe we could go down the lines of The Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode…

Has anyone got any Vera’s?

One was given 11 years! Drug dealers get less than that.

Does LFCTV offer online for all Liverpool matches (home/away/cup/Europe) ?

How much would that cost ?