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Twitter is an excellent and fast media outlet if you only follow legit sources and use Tweetbot. That is a tool that runs next to your ‘window’ and hides all the comments.


Why don’t/can’t legit sources turn off the comments like YouTube videos can?

Don’t know, perhaps they don’t want to or that is how Twitter was built. Anyway I don’t see them only the Tweet itself.

I didn’t know where to put it. Couldn’t find the loan section and wasn’t able to post in Rhys Williams thread

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Done :blush:

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Gini and Matic behind Pellegrini, Dybala, Zaniolo, Abraham and co.

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That move worked out well then Gini. The grass isn’t always greener, you should’ve stayed at a big club.

You don’t sound half bitter?

He’s gone, we had good times together, best to just leave it at that.


The sum of all parts…

Springs to mind

Gini ever reveal that big secret about us? Swear he was going to spill something over how he was treated or something

I’m not bitter at all, merely pointing out that Gini made the wrong decision and should’ve stayed at Anfield.

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Or at least signed a contract extension so we could recoup a transfer fee. Every million pounds count when you’re chasing financial dopers.

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I think that’s a fundamental misunderstanding of how our club works.

We do often have the financial resources, it’s just a matter of what’s the most prudent use of it.

Oh Gini, you were warned about the fall if leaving us.

They can now sign him…. Would he want to sign with them mind?

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I believe it was that he got more criticism than other players in twitter when we lost. Or something like that…

Great servant for our club when he was here, don’t blame him for chasing a last big payday/challenge and a little disappointed it went so poorly for him.


Also, we don’t actually know what terms he was offered by the club. He was given the chance to Barca and took it, only for that to break down. By the time the PSG offer came along, I don’t think he was left with many alternatives. Given PSG’s coach at that time was a longtime admirer of Gini, I think it is fair to say that it wasn’t that obvious his time would end that badly,

That’s devastating. I’m sure those of us old to have lived through will recall the frustration we felt and likely verbalized at his constant unavailability, and then you realize there are way more important things going on.