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What a silly prat.


Shame that a talented young player fucked up a great opportunety at one of the worlds biggest clubs working with the worlds best manager, captain, keeper, 2 best defenders and the most lethal front 3 in football purely because he listened to a slimeball parasite of an agent.

Had he stayed, he may not have made it here, but he would have had every opportunity and been working in the best enviroment for a young player to maximise their potential


I’m not saying his agent didn’t have a part to play in his moves but i think him and his family also need to take some blame for it aswell.I always got the feeling he thought because he scored goals,that instantly mean’t you should be on million pound contracts,in the first team and first pick on the team sheet.

He has no paitence,it comes across as though he wants instant success and doesn’t seem to want to work for it.Look at the way his career has gone since leaving Man City,if he doesn’t get his own way and a spot in the first team,he spits the dummy out and demands a move,bullet dodged as far as i’m concerned.


Did you know hes related to Gerrard? I dont think it was mentioned at the time.

Two big chances with us and city and now he`s going to Brentford :unamused:


Yeah,i knew Gerrard is his cousin,how much of an input he had with him joining or leaving the club i don’t know,but if Gerrard did have a word with him,you’d imagine his advice would have been to get your head down and work hard to earn a place in the team,just like he had to.

I’m just surmising but obviously he either didn’t talk to Gerrard or if he did,he was like fuck that,i want to play first team now and went against his advice,judging on how it’s all panned out.

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Another example of someone lacking humility and sense of reality, and then being manipulated by people around him who only think £££.

Hopefully the youngsters currently at the club will take what they need from this story, in order to avoid making the same mistakes.


He changed agent back before January
Also there’s this in the Echo that I can not see due to some sort of error (perhaps you can) also back in January.

Seems like the lad wants 1st team football in which case he needs/ed to set his sights lower to begin with. Even then it’s not evident a boy vs men.

Where is Tom Ince these days?

Had to Google it.
Stoke now and quite a few clubs in-between.

Didn’t work out how he and his father expected.

Ha, it was rhetorical, but maybe they can go for a pint together and bitch about how no one appreciated how good they really were.


I thought it was :laughing:
Curiosity got me and I had to look.

Madger Gomes is a regular at Doncaster Rovers now and scored for them at the weekend.


I knew this from the beginning, he had to leave because of the owners destabilising the club, there was uncertainty at Liverpool and he was getting old by footballer standards. He always loved Liverpool.


What I understand is there’s only one club he loved - Atletico. We ended up getting too attached, and it was difficult not to. What a player he was for us. He left for what he wanted, and that’s football as it is. Lesson learnt, or maybe not as I am crazy about Klopp now in a similar fashion.

The only regret I had was if he waited 6 months, we might have seen Torres + Suarez, that would have been one heck of partnership with Stevie behind them.


I meant his English club. Athletico Madrid was his boyhood club which will always be in his blood.
With Liverpool, he really loved the club’s people, the city and the people of the city.

He was the last player that wounded my heart when he left. Since then, I haven’t really got overly upset about a player leaving.
He was so elegant to watch as a footballer a gazelle and a lovely personality.


But Fernando left after FSG took over, during Kenny era. Surely he had opportunity to patch things up. I’m not bitter about him, anymore; but he hurt my feelings.

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Hope Bobby Duncan will never make it to the Premier League.

Wishing him to be a good Championship player but he should regret his behavior before his exit until the end of his career.

Don’t think he will ever be. Bloody twat.

i can see him ending up at Rangers thanks to his cousin Stevie
then falling out with some-one or something, and moving onto his next club

Yeah, that’s where he was short-sighted. fsg had already arrived, Hodgson had been displaced and Kenny was at the helm. Suarez was coming in to form a partnership with him, and what a partnership those two would have formed! I remember being so frustrated at the time…

With his decision to leave, he forced the club to look for another striker in order to replace him, and we ended up with Andy f°©∆¡~@ Carroll.

In the end, his decision to leave set the club back a couple of years at least imo. It harmed us and it harmed him as well, as he could never really replicate his form elsewhere. So, the trophies he won with Chelsea must have a bit of a hollow taste for him.