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Sound likes a Cuntastic line-up

Nice video above with John Aldridge. Aldo was a fantastic player for us, a lovely goalscorer.

Rush was better.

If they were both in their pomp today, they could easily be part of Klopp’s group of five forwards. But it was a different time back then.

And if the club couldn’t accommodate both men, the right decision was made.

It was a bit brutal on Aldo, who did everything asked of him and acquitted himself very well as a Liverpool player. But he bumped up against the cold business side, and that was that.

Without being on the inside at the time, it’s impossible to say whether or not Kenny acted well in this particular episode. Sometimes leadership means telling someone they are not part of your plans, even if it’s a tough pill for them to swallow.


Everything aside, I do love Aldo’s passion for the club. One of the most emotional ex-players. Doesn’t hide it, isn’t ashamed of anything.


I felt really bad for him at the time but he was a couple of years older than Rush and they played in too similar a role. Having said that, Aldo is one of the most remarkable goalscorers that I remember. There are often players who just have the knack for finding themselves in the right place at the right time to knock in a goal and he had a near omniscient ability to know where the ball was going. Aside from that I think Rush was a more complete player in every other respect.

My uncle was a bank manager in Liverpool and he occasionally saw Aldo’s dad in the branch and got updates as to how he was getting on. I remember him saying that he had been a bit homesick in Newport and found Oxford a slog but he told my uncle that he was signing for us just before it was announced. Apparently he was ecstatic. I think Aldo had signed for Tranmere just before my uncle retired and he had heard that he was very happy to be back on Merseyside. TBH, I think Tranmere really suited him and they were a pretty decent side at the time.


I was lucky enough to meet Aldo, on a couple of occasions. He is a very humble guy, happier speaking about Milan Baros or Cisse than himself.


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His armband proved he was a red…

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Bruce who indeed. The state of some of these ‘media’ cunts

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Liam Millar having a lovely time at Preston North End, he’s there on loan from Basel and has 4 goals and 5 assist in 26 league games playing as a RWB.