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We fired Souness early the next season and Ndlovu would go on to score a hattrick against us soon afterwards

Souness 1-0 Liverpool

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Cameron Brannagan’s penalty was the winner in Oxford’s 2-1 aggregate win over Peterborough United in the League One playoff semi-final (he also assisted the other Oxford goal).

They play Bolton in the final, I’m hoping Brannagan can finally get up into the Championship. I think he’s a player who should have had Premier League opportunities by now.

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Another one who found the step up from a reserve premier league team to a championship side too much.

He’s off Indian descent so he did make the news a fair bit and hence my remembering him. Also started off with a good goal when he moved to Swansea.

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Rafa’s man management skills were never his strong point, was it.

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I have a seen a lot of bad interpretations of what Warnock is saying there (why does he think he deserved to start? He seems more interested in money than playing) when those are just all ancillary points around the core - telling someone they are in the squad and then backtracking without explanation. That is a real punch in the guts for the player and deserves a human touch. It’s borderline psychotic for Rafa to have just waved that away as unworthy of addressing.

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Borderline psychotic?

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Prior to that clip, Warnock was talking about how preparing for a Tottenham home game, they pinned the sheet up with the squad, and he wasn’t on it, so he went out that night to celebrate his mate’s birthday. The next day, he comes in for pre-match training, (game squad separate from rest of squad) and Rafa asks him ‘what are you doing?’ Warnock says he’s putting his boots on for training. Rafa says, ‘no you’re not, you’re playing.’ Warnock takes him to the sheet with the squad, and Rafa tells him it’s the wrong squad, and that he’s starting. It’s a bit mad really. A basic admin error happening twice to the same player.

He talks about that on exactly 23 minutes in the full video.

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Two possible explanations.

They made a clerical error and put him on the list when they didn’t mean to. OR
They had a change of heart, and switched him out.

Either way, it’s not good enough.

It needs a phone call from the boss, or better yet face to face, to say what happened, and then at that point, it would have been a nice gesture to soften the disappointment by saying we will make arrangements for you to get the bonus.

It wasn’t about the money though, and Warnock is right be feel aggrieved.

Mind you, I hope he is over it now! He is often on the tv here in the States, on NBC doing the Premier League, and sometimes he comes across as a smidge anti-Liverpool, or anti-Darwin Nunez, whenever I’ve heard him.

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You mean he’s "a bitter!":smiley:

This is based on Warnocks recollection of events nineteen years ago. No recourse to answer for Rafa, if he was so inclined.

If Warnocks version is 100% the truth, fair play, he has a gripe. But maybe, just maybe there is an explanation.

He works LFCtv regularly so I think he’s over it.


Stopped listening to Warnock’s take on events, at the precise moment I heard him slagging off Gerard Houllier over something or other… The guy has been dead since 2020… now that is an easy target eh


Time to come home Adam.

We’re lacking some of that…that…that well nivea groomed figure around the place at the minute.

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Maybe go where Cazorla still plays (for a minimal possible wage).

Cazorla and Lallana as the two #8’s in a 4-3-3. Right foot, left foot, whatever you want.

Would pay to watch that. :heart_eyes:


He’s 36 years old and has had a fairly decent club to end his serious playing career with.

I suppose he could have had better luck with injuries but the drop from Liverpool to Brighton isn’t as high as the drop from Liverpool to Al-Ettifaq or Al-itthad.

Wish him all the best. Hopefully he’s done his coaching badges and I do think he can play his part as a youth team coach to begin with. For all intents , he and Milner seem well liked by Brighton as well.


He’s a very likeable guy. MLS for a couple of years would be ideal.

Ben Woodburn released by Preston.

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Steve Warnock sounds like a bad egg.